7 Best Bluetooth Headsets For iPhone

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The line between Bluetooth headphones and Bluetooth headsets has become quite blurry indeed. Just about every Bluetooth headset for iPhone set has a built-in microphone and allows you to answer […]

The 5 Best Games For iPhone [2020]

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Mobile gaming has come a long way since the days of playing Snake on an old Nokia phone. You can play games on your iPhone that rival console experiences without […]

What Is HDR On An iPhone Camera?

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You may have seen the term HDR on a television advertisement or seen the symbol on your iPhone camera. HDR stands for high dynamic range and means that photos and […]

How To Update tvOS on Apple TV

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Every Fall, Apple releases a major update to tvOS, which is the operating system for the Apple TV. Apple adds new and interesting features throughout the year with smaller updates […]

Your iPhone Camera Settings Explained

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With the iPhone’s amount of simplicity in its interface, taking a photo or video with the camera is pretty straightforward. There are, however, many additional options and iPhone camera settings […]

Which iPad Should I Buy in 2020?

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The iPad offers one of the finest tablet computing experiences money can buy today, and Apple’s range of tablets isn’t very large. Yet, if you’re new to the iPad or […]

How To Set Up & Use Apple Game Center

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Apple Game Center first entered the scene in 2010, but the modern version of the platform in no way resembles its earlier form. With iOS 10, Game Center shifted from […]

How To Install Bleeding Edge iOS Features Early With Beta Profiles

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Every year Apple comes out with a new version of iOS and iPadOS in September. But not everyone knows that you can install the beta versions of the new operating […]

11 Funny Things to Ask Siri

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Siri was many people’s first introduction to a smart assistant. When you can ask anything and receive a response in return, it was inevitable that hilarious questions would arise. Apple […]

How To Mirror Your Mac Laptop To a PC Monitor

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There’s a lot your Mac laptop can do for you, and mirroring your Mac laptop to a PC monitor is one of the more unique features you can take advantage […]