How To Backup Your iOS Device Using iTunes

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As every iOS device owner knows, you can quickly and easily back it up on iCloud by using the device’s settings. But another way to back it up is to make an encrypted backup to your computer using iTunes. It’s another insurance policy in case a backup fails, then you have another one in your […]

How To Wipe & Reformat Your iOS Device

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Previously, I discussed how to wipe and reinstall your MacOS operating system, which is recommended due to a gradual accumulation of gunk. But your iPhone is no different. It is still a computer, albeit a tiny one which fits in your pocket. It collects digital debris like any other computer. Which is why you should […]

How To Hard Reset a Mac OS X Computer & Reinstall The OS

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It’s a fact of life that computers slow down. Sometimes it’s due to wear and tear but it can also be something as simple as your hard-drive filling up with files which are no longer needed. Or essential operating system files being accidentally deleted. When this happens, it’s time to consider reinstalling the operating system. […]

How To Delete The Hidden Download Log On Your Mac OS X Computer

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Did you know that everytime you download something on your Mac, it records it in a handy log file? Yeah….thanks for that Apple. I can hear the illegal downloading crowd crying out in a panic as they frantically scrub their hard-drives. The good news is that you don’t have to scrub your hard-drive. You just […]

How To Free Up Space On Your Mac OS X Computer FAST

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Despite my MacBook Air having a 120GB hard-drive, I am always struggling to keep enough storage space free. Everytime I look at my available space, I am always hovering around 15-20GB. Which you might think is no small amount, but when it drops below 10GB, the computer starts throwing up continual boot error messages. Ever […]

5 iOS Apps That Are Guaranteed To Improve Your Sleep

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Lying awake at night and hitting the snooze button in the morning has been increasingly more common in this modern era. From Netflix to Candy Crush, there are an abundance of distractions just waiting to steal your time and attention away from sleep. Thankfully, there are tons of free iOS apps and services that can […]

The Best Diagnostic Tools for Mac

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Windows computers have a number of well known and easy-to-use diagnostic tools, but the people in the Mac camp lack that versatility. MacOS is known to be harder to work with, and most users find it easier to let a specialized tech handle the problem rather than deal with it on their own. But if […]

6 Tips to Get the Most Out of Apple Music

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Since its launch, Apple Music seems to have gotten better and better. Available through iTunes, iOS and (amazingly) Android, you get access to a lot of music for just a few bucks a month. However, you may not in fact be getting the maximum value out of your Apple Music subscription. There are quite a […]

How To Make a Bulk App Installer For a New Mac OS Install using HomeBrew

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When buying a new MacOS computer, or reformatting an existing one, the most tedious task you need to do is install all of your software apps from scratch. First you have to remember each one and secondly, visiting each app’s website, downloading the app, and installing it takes forever. But what if you had a […]

How To Add a Menu Shortcut To Shutdown MacOS Finder

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The Finder section on a MacOS computer is directly comparable to the File Explorer in Windows. It is where your files are stored, including the operating system files. So as an essential part of the computer, it can be pretty irritating when the Finder goes off on one of its freakout moments. Whether a command […]