6 Best Ways to Manage Your iPhone Home Screen

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Use an iPhone for a while, and you will end up with loads of icons spanning multiple Home screen pages. Not only does that make everything look messy, but reaching […]

8 Best Apps For Artists On The iPad

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As more and more artists realize the power the iPad has in creating beautiful digital art, the market for iPad drawing, painting, and designing apps has grown significantly. There are […]

3 Wireless Earbud Alternatives to Apple’s AirPods

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When people think of wireless earbuds, they automatically think of Apple’s AirPods – and for good reason. Apple AirPods popularised the whole concept of wireless earbuds in the first place. […]

How to Fix iPhone Error 4013

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Your Mac or PC will throw out an error 4013 if it runs into communication issues while restoring an iPhone. This is a serious problem when you have an iOS […]

How to Sign a PDF on Mac

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When you receive a PDF file that you need to send back electronically, you can follow one of two paths. The old school way of doing it includes printing, signing, […]

How to Sync Contacts From iPhone to Mac

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Your contacts aren’t just numbers and addresses; they’re loved ones, acquaintances, and business connections. Each contact’s card probably contains important stuff or sensitive information you wouldn’t want to lose. If […]

How to Force Restart an iPhone and Enter Recovery Mode

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Often, a simple restart is all it takes to fix the odd issue on your iPhone. But rarely, you will come across serious problems that require you to force restart […]

5 Simple macOS Tips and Tricks to Streamline Your Workflow

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Don’t work harder; work smarter. That phrase was coined in the 1930s, but it’s still applicable today. Nobody wants to waste hours doing something the long way when a few […]

How to Run Windows Apps on Mac Without Installing Windows

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Once your data has been transferred safely and securely, switching from Windows to macOS is mostly a breeze! However, you may be used to Windows-exclusive apps for your general computing.  […]

5 Best Wireless Keyboards for Mac

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If you’re a new Mac owner, you’ve probably noticed that Mac keyboards look a little different than those used on Windows PCs. Even worse, your options for native Mac keyboards […]