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15 Ways to Fix iPad Battery Drain Issues

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The iPad is very reliable when it comes to battery life. Whether you’re browsing the internet in Safari or binge-watching videos on Netflix, it guarantees up to 10 hours of […]

How to Fix iMessage and FaceTime Activation Errors

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iMessage and FaceTime are great examples of Apple services that “just work.” At least, they do for the most part. Sometimes, you’ll run into activation errors while setting them up […]

How to Unlock a Mac with Apple Watch

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Apple is known for integrating its devices across platforms to communicate with each other and share data seamlessly. If you have an Apple Watch, for example, you can use it […]

How to Set a Video Lock Screen on Your iPhone

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Most people like to set their own customized photo as their iPhone lock screen, as it helps give your phone a bit more of your own personality. An even more […]

How to Show Battery Percentage in macOS Big Sur

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MacBooks offer outstanding battery life and usually allow for an entire day’s worth of moderate to heavy use on a single charge. Still, it’s important to keep regular tabs on […]

How to Pair Apple Watch to a New Phone

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Have a new Apple Watch and need help setting it up? We’re here to help. For starters, you’ll want to find a comfy place to work and set aside about […]

Apple M1 Vs Intel i7: The Benchmark Battles

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Not for the first time, Apple has completely changed the fundamental technology that their computers use. It happened when the company shifted from Motorola CPUs to IBM PowerPC in 1995. […]

How to Screen Record on iPhone

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If taking screenshots or sharing photos doesn’t help you communicate information effectively, you can capture the action on your iPhone using screen recording complete with audio. Screen recording on your […]

How to Find Hidden Apps on iPhone

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Your iPhone provides several ways to hide apps that are too embarrassing or too addictive to keep on the Home screen. For instance, you can chuck them inside folders or […]

6 Best Apps to Show iPhone Battery Percentage

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You don’t want your battery to run out and leave you with a dead phone. It helps to stay on top of charge levels and the general health of your […]