How To Annotate a PDF File Using Apple Pencil

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The Apple Pencil is undoubtedly the best tablet stylus you can buy today. It’s an amazing tool for doing markup work on documents, especially PDFs. Unfortunately, it’s not always clear […]

iPhone External Storage: 4 Best Flash Drives For iPhone

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iOS 13 has brought a long list of welcome changes to Apple’s mobile operating system, not least of which a split between the different device types. While the iPhone keeps […]

How To Use Apple’s GarageBand

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Apple computers are traditionally associated with users in the creative field, although these days they have much more mainstream appeal as well.  Beloved by artists, filmmakers and musicians, Apple has […]

Everything You Need To Know About The MacBook Pro Touch Bar

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The Touch Bar is now a feature you will find on every current MacBook product with the exception of the MacBook Air. If you are going to buy a new […]

Fix FaceTime “The Server Encountered An Error Processing Registration” Error

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Facetime is one of the most reliable and intuitive video calling applications in the world, which makes it a real pity Apple keeps it to itself. Of course, no software […]

S2M Explains : How Do Face ID & Fingerprint Scan Work? Are They Secure?

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Passcodes suck. They take a long time to type in, it’s easy to forget them and most people probably pick something really easy to guess, which hurts their security. Which […]

How To Fix Drag & Drop Not Working On Mac

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Good old “drag and drop”. It’s a mainstay of graphical interfaces and a super-intuitive way of moving stuff from one virtual spot to another. Being such an early pioneer of […]

Task Manager On Mac: The Activity Monitor & How To Use It

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Looking for the Mac Task Manager? While a staple of the Windows experience, macOS doesn’t have an exact equivalent of the Windows utility. Instead, macOS has a program called “Activity […]

How to Use a Keyboard and Mouse with Your iPhone

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Laptops and tablet computers are clearly converging at a rapid pace. Laptops are getting thinner and lighter, with touch screens becoming more and more common. Apple’s iPad tablets, on the […]

MacinCloud & Mac Stadium – Are They a Viable Alternatives To a Real Mac?

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Can cloud-services like MacinCloud and Mac Stadium really replace a real physical Mac? After all, there are plenty of reasons people love their Apple computers. The hardware is one of […]