6 Reasons The iPod Touch Is Still Worth Buying Today

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It came as a surprise to many that Apple decided to update the iPod Touch in 2019 with new hardware. Sporting a pretty impressive A10 Fusion system-on-a-chip, the “trainer iPhone” of yesteryear is back among the latest pantheon of portable Apple devices. This immediately raises the question of why anyone would want to buy this […]

A Hands-On Look At Apple Music & Apple Arcade

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Apple is getting into the content market in a big way, taking advantage of its famously walled-garden app ecosystem to pivot from discrete content purchases to the subscription model.  It all started with Apple Music, but that first attempt at a subscription service is now being joined by Apple Arcade and Apple TV+. This forms […]

Apple iPadOS Review: First Impressions

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With every major new release of iOS, there are those who have already been using the Beta version for months, those that update the very second the final release becomes available and those who will put off the upgrade as long as possible.  It’s the last category of people that should read this article in […]