How To Free Up Space On Your Mac OS X Computer FAST

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Despite my MacBook Air having a 120GB hard-drive, I am always struggling to keep enough storage space free. Everytime I look at my available space, I am always hovering around 15-20GB. Which you might think is no small amount, but when it drops below 10GB, the computer starts throwing up continual boot error messages. Ever […]

How To Add a Menu Shortcut To Shutdown MacOS Finder

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The Finder section on a MacOS computer is directly comparable to the File Explorer in Windows. It is where your files are stored, including the operating system files. So as an essential part of the computer, it can be pretty irritating when the Finder goes off on one of its freakout moments. Whether a command […]

How To Make a MacOS Installer On a USB Stick

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If you want to download the latest version of MacOS, you simply have to go to the Mac App Store and download it. But what if you are an IT geek working in a computer repair shop, refurbishing Macs which need MacOS reinstalled? What if the Internet connection where you are is dodgy to say […]

How to Make it Harder For Someone to Hack into Your Mac

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When I was at Frankfurt airport recently, I saw a businessman leave his very expensive MacBook Air laptop on the table to go and get coffee. He was gone for five minutes but in those five minutes, somebody could either have stolen the computer or hacked into it for valuable data. These days though, hackers […]

The Best Mac OS X Keyboard Shortcuts

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No matter what you’re doing, efficiency helps—and what better way to be more efficient than with keyboard shortcuts? MacOS has dozens of keyboard shortcuts that help you perform simple tasks with a quick combination of clicks, rather than a prolonged search through the menus to perform the same function. But even power users might not […]

How to Record an Instrument Through an Audio Interface in Mac OS X

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Recording instrument audio through an interface on a Mac using OS X is surprisingly easy and has significant advantages over a built-in recording device. It can be used to connect your computer to professional microphones, bass, and electric guitars. Setting it up is fairly quick and easy. For the sake of consistency, I will be […]

Backup Your Mac using Time Machine

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Unlike Windows, OS X has a great built-in tool for backing up your entire operating system to a backup drive. Windows has an option to create a system image, but it’s a relic of Windows 7 and it’s not terribly easy to use, especially when you  have to do a full restore. The best way […]

How to Partition an External or Internal Hard Drive in OS X

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Partitioning your hard drive can be a frustrating and daunting task. However, once you understand how the process works, it’s a lot less scary. So why would you want to partition a drive? Back when I was in college, like many other students, I had a MacBook Pro for ease of use and its minimalist […]

What are the Black Dots Under App Icons and How to Remove Them

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If you’re new to Macs and OS X, you may have noticed that some of your app icons in the Dock have a small black dot under them. The black dot is normally always under the Finder icon no matter what. The black dot basically indicates that the application is running. It’s kind of like […]

How to Check Your Mac for Rootkits

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If you Mac is acting strangely and you suspect a rootkit, then you’ll need to get to work downloading and scanning with several different tools. It’s worth noting that you could have a rootkit installed and not even know it. The main distinguishing factor that makes a rootkit special is that it gives someone remote […]