The iPhone is a great device but unfortunately has limited RAM and CPU power. If you are curious as to which open applications use up the most RAM and CPU power on your iPhone, read on.

In this tutorial we will be showing you how monitor RAM, CPU and battery usage on your iOS device. We will be doing this with the Monitor application. You can get this app from the iTunes App Store for $0.99.

Monitoring RAM, CPU and Battery Usage on Your iPhone

Once you have downloaded the Monitor app, open it on your iOS device.

Open Monitor

From the Info tab you can view some general information about your device. Some of this information includes your device’s UDID number, it’s storage capacity, and it’s uptime.

Info Tab

Look towards the bottom of the screen. You will see five tabs. To view your CPU usage, tap on the Usage tab. In this tab you can see your CPU usage in chart form. Just below the chart you will see a heading labeled “Total: XXX MB”. This will show you how much RAM your iDevice has. You can also see how much RAM your iPhone is using, how much RAM is inactive, and how much RAM is free.

Usage Tab

If you click on the Battery tab you can see how much battery power is remaining on your iOS device. You can also view how much longer you can continue to do certain tasks such as watching a video or reading an eBook.

Battery Tab

In the Process tab you can view which applications you have running on your iOS device as well as it’s Process Identifier (PID) and it’s priority.

Processes Tab

Thanks for reading today’s quick tutorial. Check ┬áback soon for more Apple tips and tricks.