How to Sign a PDF on Mac

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When you receive a PDF file that you need to send back electronically, you can follow one of two paths. The old school way of doing it includes printing, signing, […]

How to Prevent Your Mac From Sleeping

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You might have noticed that your Mac falls asleep quite fast as soon you stop actively interacting with it. Even if you didn’t mean to finish working on your computer, […]

How To Compress a Video On Mac

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With the rise of 4K and UHD video technology, both storing and sharing your videos is becoming more difficult. Large video clips can be hard to manage, and they’re more […]

How To Tell If It’s Time To Replace Your MacBook’s Battery

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Compared to other laptops, MacBooks are known for a longer battery life. Even with an extensive daily use, you can work on a Mac for hours without worrying about your […]

The Best Antivirus Options for Mac

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As a macOS user, you’ve probably heard that your computer doesn’t need an antivirus to protect it from malware. Unfortunately, that’s nothing more than a myth that was debunked a […]

Mouse Keeps Disappearing On Mac? 10 Things To Try

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Almost every Mac user has to face this problem sooner or later – the mouse keeps disappearing on your Mac. It seems as though it happens randomly and without any […]

How to Replace and Merge Files on Mac

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Have you ever made two folders on your computer that should really be one? If you handle a lot of different files and documents on a daily basis, you’ve probably […]

MacOS Dark Mode: How To Enable And Configure It

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Do you want to take your visual experience with Mac to a new level? Dark Mode is here to help you.  Since the feature’s first appearance, people have been trying […]

How To Share Your Screen On FaceTime

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Screen sharing allows you to access someone else’s computer without physically being next to it. There’s plenty of problems that can be solved by sharing your screen and various situations […]

How to Move Files in Mac OS X

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File handling on a Mac isn’t particularly tricky. For example, if sharing your files between PCs and smartphones is a skill you need to learn, learning to move files on […]