APFS vs Mac OS Extended – Which Mac Disk Format Is Best?

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The Apple File System (APFS) is the file system used with Mac devices running macOS 10.13 High Sierra and later, while the older Mac OS Extended file system is available […]

Switching From Android To iPhone – What You Need To Know

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If you change your Android smartphone every single year, you might be feeling that things don’t change a huge amount from one upgrade to another. Small, innovative steps are fine, […]

How To Delete Backups From iCloud

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Every Apple device, whether it’s an iPhone or a MacBook, comes with 5GB of free iCloud storage. It’s pretty easy for Apple device owners to fill this up with photos, […]

How To Split The Screen on a Mac

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Mac screens get smaller and smaller, but that doesn’t mean that the software you’re using does. If you’re struggling with screen real estate on your Mac, you’ll need to look […]

How To Know If Your Data Has Been Compromised In a Data Breach

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The internet isn’t safe. That’s a fact that you can’t avoid or ignore, especially if you plan on trusting online services with your most sensitive data. As you read this, […]

How to Fix Netflix Not Working on Apple TV

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As one of the most popular streaming services available, you might (rightly) expect the Netflix browsing experience to be perfect on Apple TVs. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case, with […]

Use the Line In Audio Input on a Mac

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While every Mac device comes with a microphone that’s built into the product, you’ll also find another port for audio input and output—the headphone jack. That is, of course, until […]

How to Scan With Image Capture on Mac

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If you’re coming from a Windows background, you might be used to the overwhelming amount of junkware that manufacturers of scanners and printers insist you install on your PC before […]

How to Run Unverified Apps on MacOS

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Apple would prefer you to only download approved apps from the App Store, but that isn’t always possible. If you find a suitable app online that hasn’t been approved for […]

How to Restore a Folder that has Turned into a Package in OS X

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Like all software, macOS isn’t immune to the occasional bug or problem. While it’s a rare occurrence, folders on macOS can occasionally change from appearing as regular folders to appearing […]