How To Record a FaceTime Call & Other VOIP Calls On PC & Mobile

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Wish you could record a conversation with a loved one or a friend? What about capturing a group meeting with your boss or team mates? In FaceTime, you can record […]

How To Use Apple’s GarageBand

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Apple computers are traditionally associated with users in the creative field, although these days they have much more mainstream appeal as well.  Beloved by artists, filmmakers and musicians, Apple has […]

How To Fix iPhone Not Ringing For Incoming Calls

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If your iPhone is not ringing for incoming calls, there may be an issue with your phone’s sound settings. There are various things that could cause your iPhone not to […]

What To Do When The iPhone Microphone Is Not Working?

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If you’re calling someone from your iPhone and the receiver is having issues hearing your voice, there could be an issue with your iPhone’s microphone. In case they can’t hear […]

How to Move Photos From iCloud to Google Photos

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If you’re somebody who enjoys taking a lot of photos or videos on your iPhone, you may be struggling with space. You can back up to iCloud, but with only […]

Everything You Need To Know About The MacBook Pro Touch Bar

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The Touch Bar is now a feature you will find on every current MacBook product with the exception of the MacBook Air. If you are going to buy a new […]

How To Fix Google Drive Not Syncing On Mac

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The Backup and Sync app from Google works just fine to let you sync your local content with your Google Drive account. Occasionally, you might come across errors with this […]

How To Fix AirDrop Not Working

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A common issue on MacOS is when Airdrop doesn’t work and this normally happens when you try to send files from one Apple device to another. It’s annoying and prevents […]

How to Turn Off Find My iPhone

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Introduced in 2010 as a way to locate your lost or stolen Apple devices, Find My iPhone is one of the most essential security measures available to Apple users to […]

How to Download YouTube Videos to Your iPhone Camera Roll

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Watching YouTube videos on the go might seem like a great idea until you realize how much data those videos consume. Rather than streaming your way through your entire data […]