The 5 Best Alternative iOS Voice Recording Apps

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As voice recognition continues to grow in popularity, device owners are gradually moving more toward speaking into their phones rather than typing. That means when you set a reminder to pick up milk on the way home or make a hair appointment, you’re more likely to pull up your phone’s voice memo app than type […]

Check Out Our Revamped Social Media Pages

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Normally spring-cleaning is done….well, in the spring. But lately, we have been giving the whole shop a bit of a dusting and clean out – in particular with our social media channels. Starting from today, you will now be notified on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn when we have published something. You can also do your […]

5 Apps Which Will Take Your New Mac To The Next Level

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Much of the preinstalled default apps on a MacOS computer is actually really good. But like any new computer, there is always new stuff you can add to make your user experience just that little bit better. During the seven years I have used a Mac computer, there are some apps which were a case […]

iPhone Apps To Monitor & Improve Your Sleep

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Are you getting enough sleep? According to the CDC, one in three adults isn’t. Lack of sleep may leave you cranky and unprepared to meet the next day’s challenges, but over time it can have more serious health consequences. If you have a smartphone though, the tools you need to get more sleep are just […]

10 Apps Which Are Essential For Every iPhone

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I switched from Android to an iPhone back in 2012 and I have never ever contemplated switching back to Android since then. I won’t go into all of the reasons why but I guess one of the main ones is that the iPhone works really well and the apps are fantastic. Since my first iPhone […]

How To Find & Upgrade 32-Bit Apps On Your Mac

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Up until now, your Mac supported all the versions of any apps on your machine. You could run an app whether it was 32-bit or 64-bit without any issues on your machine. However, that changes with the macOS 10.15 version. Once you update your Mac to this latest version of the macOS, you’ll no longer […]

How To Enable & Use ‘Picture In Picture’ Mode On Your Mac

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‘Picture in picture’ mode has long been available for a number of devices except for the Apple Mac. If you don’t already know what it is, it is a mode that allows you to play a video (or any other content for that matter) in a window that floats over your existing app windows. You […]

The Best iOS Scanner Apps To Scan Documents & Images

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The first commercial model of the Xerox machine was almost the size of two washing machines, weighing about 650 pounds, and prone to overheating.  Nonetheless, it was a godsend for secretaries as they no longer needed to use lousy carbon paper or visit third-party external print shops to produce quality copies. Its core technology later […]

The Best Extensions For The Safari Browser

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If you have an Apple device, you’re likely familiar with Safari. Although it’s not nearly as popular as Google Chrome, the fact that it’s built into every MacBook, iPhone, and iPad means that it’s still being used on plenty of devices. Although Safari is packed with its fair share of features, including incognito mode and […]

How To Convert HEIC Images To JPG

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HEIC is one of the newer image formats that gives you the quality of a JPG image but half the size of the original image. Apple has started using this newer format on its iPhones and the recent photos you have taken on your iPhone are likely saved in this new format. While these HEIC […]