How To Turn Photos & PDFs To Black & White On Mac

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Except for some really old photos and such stuff, everything else has now been colorized. There are even tools that let you colorize your old photos using some magical algorithms. Despite colors being so useful, there are still times when you may want something in pure black and white. These are usually the times when […]

How To Bulk Rename Files On Your Mac

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Many times when you download files off the Internet or you copy files from a USB drive, the naming formats aren’t always what you expected. This is especially true for the image files captured on digital cameras as they often have names that don’t describe anything (DSC_01.jpg tells me nothing about the image). While you […]

Tips & Tricks For Apple Messages That You Might Not Know About

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Apple’s iOS is one of the most used on millions of devices in the world, but you’d be surprised at just how many people who own one hardly know or even use all of its features. That said, there are a lot of cool tricks that only a select few out of its millions of […]

How To Create Symlinks On Your Mac

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A symbolic link, often shortened to symlink, is a type of link that is stored at one location on your machine and it points to another location on the same machine. You can think of it as a shortcut of an app. Even though the actual app file is located deep inside your folders, you […]

The Best Apps For Your Apple Watch

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Smartwatches are rather nifty little devices that serve a greater purpose than your typical timepiece. An Apple Watch presents you with a multitude of apps that provide ways in which to enhance your newly purchased, multi-purpose gadget. There are plenty of available workout apps to track your calorie burning activities such as running, swimming, and […]

20 Tips To Get The Most Out Of The Finder On Mac

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Mac has a wonderful file explorer called Finder that provides you with a lot of options to manage and organize your files. Most of the features in the app are enabled by default. However, there are a few that aren’t and you can enable them to use them in Finder. Learning to use these new […]

4 Best Free Calendar Apps For iOS

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For many people, their phone is their main way of staying connected and on top of day-to-day tasks. A great calendar can mean the difference between remembering that client meeting and becoming the hero of your firm – or forgetting and missing out on a major opportunity. That said, not all calendar apps are created […]

How To Transfer Files From Android To Mac

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While the Mac definitely has some of the top-notch apps that Windows counterparts will never be able to compete with, there are a few areas where a Mac doesn’t offer the convenience that a Windows PC does. One of these is attaching storage devices to your computer. If you ever need to transfer files from […]

5 Ways To Force Quit Apps On Your Mac

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While most apps on your Mac will never cause any issues as they are known for their stability, things could go wrong at any time and the apps may start misbehaving on your machine. In such cases, even the default options to close an app will stop functioning. Some of the common symptoms of an […]

The Best MacOS Automator Scripts You Should Have Installed

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Automation tools like IFTTT and Siri Shortcuts are popular options to streamline day-to-day tasks, but MacOS has long had a tool for this. Automator is not well known to anyone except power users, but when implemented correctly it can take care of minutia and help remove tedium from everyday tasks.   Automator doesn’t require programming […]