Enable Display Accommodations On iOS

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iOS devices are extremely user-friendly by default, which makes them an attractive option for buyers who are looking for a capable phone or tablet that works well right out of the box. However, many people don’t realize the extent of Apple’s accessibility settings. The fact of the matter is that a phone’s default settings won’t […]

Adjust iOS Interaction Accessibility Settings On iOS

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iOS has a well-deserved reputation for being one of the more user-friendly operating systems on the market. While they lack some of the advanced customizability that many Android devices offer, iPhones and iPads are extremely easy to pick up right out of the box. Plus, Apple has included a wide selection of Accessibility features to […]

Access Region Locked Games on iOS

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There are millions of iOS users around the world, and mobile gaming has never been bigger. Developers are continuing to recognize the massive potential that iOS apps have to offer, and new games release on the App Store nearly constantly. However, you may find from time to time that a title you were particularly interested […]

Hide Photos On iOS The Easy Way

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It’s always great to be able to share your favorite photos with friends, but how do you deal with those pesky snoopers that seem compelled to swipe left or right? Many of us have photos on our iPhones or iPads that we’d like to keep private, and having them front and center in the camera […]

Backup Your iOS Device Over WiFi Automatically

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When the first iOS devices launched, there was an expectation that customers would also have a personal computer like a Windows PC or MacOS machine. It might have been less true of the iPhone, but early iPad users couldn’t even start using their tablets without first connecting the machine to a PC. These days, iPads […]

10 MacBook Pro Tips for Beginners

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The Macbook Pro is a very powerful laptop; one that can increase your productivity many times over. But it can also be a bit complicated, especially if you’re used to working in a Windows environment. In this article , we’ve put together 10 useful tips that will accelerate your familiarity with this sleek, state-of-the-art block […]

Edit and Retouch Photos Quickly with Adobe Photoshop Fix

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Nowadays, we take many iPhone pictures and process and share them directly from our phone.  For a long time, one had to first move pictures to the desktop or laptop, crop and edit as desired, and then share them. As the iPhone has become more powerful, the iOS Photos app natively allows a range of […]

Use Your iOS Device as a Wired Modem

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Most people are probably aware that their smartphone or tablet can function as a WiFi hotspot. This way, your other devices can all share the same data via your mobile operator’s SIM card in a process often referred to as “tethering”. What many iOS users may not know is that they can use a wired […]

How to Use Continuity Camera on iOS and OS X

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Recently, I wrote a post on how to copy and paste content across different Apple devices using Handoff and Universal Clipboard. Continuity also includes a host of other cool features, one of them being Continuity Camera. This is a new feature that is only available on iOS 12 and OS X Mojave devices. It essentially […]

Copy and Paste Across Your Apple Devices using Universal Clipboard

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Do you have an email address or a URL on your iPhone that would be more useful it it were on your Mac? Or maybe you have a picture on your Mac that you’d like to use on your iPad?  Or maybe you have one file on your MacBook Air that you need to copy […]