How to Set Alarms and Timers on your Mac

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Alarms and timers are great productivity tools that are with us every step of the way. You wake up with an alarm, start and finish working with it. Alarms help […]

Open Zip, RAR, Tar, BIN, and EXE files on a Mac

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Most files that you download from the Internet usually come in an archived format and have one of the formats used for archived and compressed files. Opening these ZIP, RAR, […]

Monitoring RAM, CPU and Battery Usage On Your iPhone

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If you’ve had your iPhone for some time and you notice its performance is slower than usual, you constantly lack space for new items, or the battery doesn’t last more […]

How To Use iCloud Drive For Multiple Users On a Single Mac

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If you’ve been using a Mac for quite some time, you’ve likely integrated your iCloud Drive account to your machine. It makes storing and sharing files over cloud much easier […]

How To Downgrade macOS

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Normally, most macOS updates do not cause any issues on your Mac. However, there are times when certain updates break features and make your system buggy. If you’ve been a […]

How To Use Your iPhone As a Microphone On a Mac

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Your Mac comes equipped with a microphone to let you record audio and talk to people over FaceTime. It’s good enough for basic tasks like these. However, if you want […]

How To Block Unauthorized App Store Purchases Under Your Account

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Your smartphone is your life — or at least holds a sizable chunk of it. If anyone gains access to it, they’ll be able to cause all sorts of damage […]

How to Use iVerify to Protect Your iOS Device From Hackers

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Every operating system and device has its own security tools. If you use a desktop computer, you will be familiar with the wide range of firewalls, virus and malware checkers, […]

How To Print In Black & White On Mac

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Printing something in black and white on a Mac sounds simple but if you’ve ever tried to do it yourself, you know that it’s not as easy as it sounds. […]

How To Fix a Mac That Won’t Sleep

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If you’re facing issues putting your Mac into the sleep mode, it’s likely you have some items interfering with the sleep procedure. There are a few things you can do […]