How To Fix iPhone Touch Screen Not Working

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Sometimes your iPhone touch screen may just stop working for no apparent reason. If the screen has gone completely unresponsive and it’s due to physical damage, then you’ll need to […]

S2M Explains : How Do Face ID & Fingerprint Scan Work? Are They Secure?

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Passcodes suck. They take a long time to type in, it’s easy to forget them and most people probably pick something really easy to guess, which hurts their security. Which […]

Where Are Apple Photos Stored?

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Have you ever wondered where Apple Photos stores photos on your Mac? You most likely have, as these photos are nowhere to be found on your system as regular files. […]

How To Fix Drag & Drop Not Working On Mac

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Good old “drag and drop”. It’s a mainstay of graphical interfaces and a super-intuitive way of moving stuff from one virtual spot to another. Being such an early pioneer of […]

Task Manager On Mac: The Activity Monitor & How To Use It

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Looking for the Mac Task Manager? While a staple of the Windows experience, macOS doesn’t have an exact equivalent of the Windows utility. Instead, macOS has a program called “Activity […]

How to Use Mac Terminal to Identify Network Settings

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While macOS offers an easy-to-use menu for your network settings in the System Preferences menu, the Terminal app is where you need to be if you want to quickly look […]

How To Make a 3D Photo On Your iPhone

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If you’ve spent any amount of time on social media lately, you may have seen a “3D photo” show up on your newsfeed. These photos look like they have depth […]

Why Is My iPhone Battery Yellow – An Explanation & How To Fix It

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If you’re seeing your iPhone’s battery icon turning yellow for the first time, it’s natural to wonder why. There’s a reason why it’s changed the color from the original black […]

17 Mac Trackpad Gestures and How To Customize Them

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Your Mac trackpad isn’t just a replacement for the standard mouse. It’s actually much more than that. here’s even a separate panel for you to configure the trackpad on your […]

How To Charge Your Apple Watch

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The Apple Watch is one of the most advanced wearables out there, passing any Fitbit or smartwatch on the market. On average, a single charge of the Apple Watch should […]