Apple iPadOS Review: First Impressions

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With every major new release of iOS, there are those who have already been using the Beta version for months, those that update the very second the final release becomes available and those who will put off the upgrade as long as possible.  It’s the last category of people that should read this article in […]

4 Ways To Uninstall Apps On Mac

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One of the biggest differences between Windows and Mac is how the apps are uninstalled on these platforms. If you’re also a Windows user, you’ll know that the procedure to uninstall apps on a Mac is significantly different. There’s no Control Panel for you to find and uninstall your apps. Mac actually provides you with […]

How To Password Protect Files On Mac

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If you store any kind of confidential files on your Mac, It’s highly recommended that you add password protection to your files so they can’t be accessed by any unauthorized users. Password protection becomes more useful when you have other people accessing your Mac machine. Your Mac provides you with an easy way to add […]

How To Update Mac OS X & Mac Apps From Terminal

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Every once in a while, you’ll find that an update is available for either your macOS system or the apps installed on your machine. It’s important that you keep your system software and apps up to date. This ensures your system is stable and your apps are bug-free. On a Mac machine, you have several […]

How To Run a Terminal Command Using a Keyboard Shortcut On Mac

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With the built-in Terminal app on your Mac, you can run a number of commands to execute various actions on your machine. From taking screenshots of your screens to renaming a whole bunch of files at once, Terminal commands cover a lot of things that you usually do on your machines. The only thing that […]

The Best Mac Keyboard Shortcuts to Learn

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The engineering behind each one of Apple’s touchpads make them some of the best on the market today. A quick swipe can move the cursor anywhere you need it, while gestures grant unprecedented levels of control over windows, apps, and much more. A user could be forgiven for thinking a smooth touchpad is all they […]

Should You Trust a Third-Party Cable For Charging Your iOS Device?

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You can trust a third-party cable for charging your iOS device, but there’s a caveat. Charging your iOS device with a non-Apple brand cable can damage it. That said, if the cable is labeled “Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod”, and is from a trusted company, then you’re safe. Unofficial Apple cables come at a much lower price […]

How to Use Dual Speakers on Mac

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Most Mac machines come equipped with Bluetooth enabling you to connect your external speakers to your machine. You can then play a sound track on your Mac to then listen to it on your Bluetooth-enabled speakers.  Many Macs also have the 3.5mm audio jack allowing you to plug-in and use your wired earphones and headphones […]

How To Block Websites In Safari On Mac

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While most websites you come across are usually informative and help you with the tasks you’re stuck at, there are also other websites that mainly distract you from the work you’re doing. These websites often work as magnets and they keep you stuck to them for long periods of time. If you find yourself wandering […]

How to Disable Annoying Default Alerts on Apple Watch

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The Apple Watch is honestly one of the most impressive devices released in the past decade. The integration of lifestyle monitoring (such as Fitbit) and the ability to see texts and calls at a glance is nothing short of miraculous. The Watch monitors my heart rate, the amount I exercise, and how much I stand.  […]