How to Scan With Image Capture on Mac

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If you’re coming from a Windows background, you might be used to the overwhelming amount of junkware that manufacturers of scanners and printers insist you install on your PC before […]

Mac Keyboard Shortcuts For When Your Mac Freezes

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The 4 Best Apple Pencil Alternatives

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Despite Steve Jobs’ dislike at the idea of adding a pencil to an iPad (he supposedly said “yuck” at a press conference when asked), the accessory has caught on in […]

How To Unzip & Open Files On Your iPhone Or iPad

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Since iOS 11, it has been possible to unzip or compress files on Apple iOS products within the default Files app. This means that zipping and unzipping files on iOS […]

MacOS Spotlight: 20 Tips & Tricks to Get the Most Out Of It

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Spotlight is one of the many excellent tools you have on your Mac. It lets you quickly and easily search for any files you want on your machine. You’re likely […]

How to Run Unverified Apps on MacOS

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Apple would prefer you to only download approved apps from the App Store, but that isn’t always possible. If you find a suitable app online that hasn’t been approved for […]

How To Connect AirPods To a Mac or iOS Device

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AirPods are one of the best creations Apple has come out with in recent years. Though pricey, the original models are available for significantly less than their original price, especially […]

8 Recently Released iOS Apps Worth Checking Out

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What apps have stood out the most from the iOS app store in the last year? Surely, you have your phone filled with games and tools that helped you get […]

What Are Hot Corners On a macOS & How To Set It Up

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macOS is preloaded with a number of features and while many of these are easy to locate and use, some are hidden behind several screens. This doesn’t make them any […]

9 Things To Do Before Selling Your Mac

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If you’re planning to sell your Mac, you probably don’t want the buyer to have access to your data and information available on your machine. Therefore, you’ll need to get […]