MacBook Pro Constantly Dropping Wireless Connection?

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You may love your shiny new MacBook Pro, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. While macOS running on original Apple hardware is less prone to technical issues, when they do […]

Make Multi-Page PDF Files in Mac OS X

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One PDF, two PDFs, 100 PDFs—it doesn’t matter how many PDF documents you have, it’s possible to combine them all into a multi page PDF on MacOS. Creating a multi-page […]

How to Unlock Screen Rotation on iPhone

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Most of us generally view our smartphone screens in vertical format, unless we’re watching a video, playing a game, or viewing certain high-resolution images. One of the cool things about […]

iTunes Not Syncing Entire Music Library?

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If you have a huge collection of songs on iTunes or you spend a lot of time downloading music to your computer, it can be frustrating when they won’t all […]

Using Disk Utility to Backup Your Mac

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When you decide to backup your Mac, it’s important to choose the right way to do it. While using Time Machine is a great option, sometimes it helps to consider […]

Fix “iPad Disabled. Connect to iTunes” Message

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iPads are pretty reliable devices in general. Not much can go wrong with them, but every so often you can be blindsided by a problem that seems to have no […]

How to Create Shortcut Folders in the Mac OS X Dock

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Every Mac user knows the Dock—it sits at the bottom of the screen, giving you quick access to your favorite and currently open apps and folders. Using the Mac Dock […]

8 Useful OS X Keyboard Shortcuts

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Apple is the go-to choice for users who want to be more productive and more efficient, and for good reason. After all, macOS is equipped with a lot of keyboard […]

Get Started with Subversion using SvnX

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If you’re a developer, version control software allows you to keep track of changes to your code. This is essential on projects where you’re working as part of a team, […]

How To Set Up iCloud On Mac, Windows, & iOS

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iCloud is one of the several cloud storage providers that lets you keep your files on the cloud and helps you sync them across your devices. Whether you use a […]