14 Best iOS 14 Tips and Tricks

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An iPhone is a simpler and more intuitive device than other smartphones. But behind the screen, a lot of great features work to make your time with it easier. The […]

How To Use an Apple Pencil on iPad

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Buying an iPad is a great investment. You get a lot more display area for things like watching movies, reading, writing, or creating art. It’s like having a virtual notebook […]

How to Screen Record on Mac

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When you want to capture something on your screen, a screenshot will do. However, screenshots don’t work in all cases. Sometimes you may need to grab a clip, film a […]

How to Prevent Your Mac From Sleeping

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You might have noticed that your Mac falls asleep quite fast as soon you stop actively interacting with it. Even if you didn’t mean to finish working on your computer, […]

How To Compress a Video On Mac

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With the rise of 4K and UHD video technology, both storing and sharing your videos is becoming more difficult. Large video clips can be hard to manage, and they’re more […]

How To Clear Cache on a Mac

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Web browsers, native apps, third-party programs, and system services create caches of files on your Mac all the time. These caches do consume storage, but they also help speed things […]

How To Turn On The Camera On a Mac

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As you might expect from a high-end computer, almost all of Apple’s Mac systems have a built-in camera. These allow you to make the sort of high-resolution Zoom calls you […]

9 Best iPad Games You Have To Try in 2020

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The iPad is a great platform for playing mobile games, with its large screen and rich, colorful display. Many companies have realized this and have put out tons of amazing […]

How To Reset PRAM & SMC On Your Mac

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A Mac is a reliable machine, but on rare occasions, it might start acting weird or crashing for no apparent reason.  You may notice some strange behaviors such as the […]

How To Organize Photos On The iPhone

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You probably look at the Photos app on your iPhone with a bit of dread. It’s got years and years of photos, probably in the thousands. But it’s a mess. […]