The 5 Best Protective Phone Cases for iPhone

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The iPhone is a phenomenal device that has set new standards at every turn. On the other hand, it’s still a phone—and the everyday wear and tear that most people […]

How To Use iCloud Family Sharing

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Apple has a reputation for making products that attract a price premium, but they’ve also got some pretty generous policies and services to ensure you only have to pay for […]

5 Best Snipping Tool Alternatives for Mac

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Ever since Windows 7, Microsoft has included a Snipping Tool that makes it easy to take customized screenshots of your desktop. If you’re used to the Snipping Tool, and if […]

How To Annotate a PDF File Using Apple Pencil

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The Apple Pencil is undoubtedly the best tablet stylus you can buy today. It’s an amazing tool for doing markup work on documents, especially PDFs. Unfortunately, it’s not always clear […]

What Is Apple Keychain & How To Use It

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Apple Keychain, also known as iCloud Keychain, is a password manager service for Apple devices provided by Apple itself. You can use it to store and retrieve your website usernames […]

8 Troubleshooting Tips For When iCloud Photos Are Not Syncing

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iCloud Photos allows you to sync and access your photos on all your iCloud compatible devices. This feature works just fine most of the time. However, sometimes you may find […]

iPhone External Storage: 4 Best Flash Drives For iPhone

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iOS 13 has brought a long list of welcome changes to Apple’s mobile operating system, not least of which a split between the different device types. While the iPhone keeps […]

How To Unlock Your Mac With An Apple Watch

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If you have an Apple Watch, you can use it to quickly and easily unlock your Mac machine. Apple has added a feature to the Watch that lets you unlock […]

What To Do If Your iPhone Camera Is Not Working

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The iPhone boasts a great quality camera and the stock Camera app lets you utilize this lens to take some amazing photos. Sometimes, though, you may find that your iPhone’s […]

How To Transfer Google Contacts To iPhone

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If you’ve switched from an Android to an iPhone, you might want to find out how to transfer Google contacts to your new iPhone. There are actually multiple ways to […]