The 8 Best Third-Party Apple Watch Straps

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Your Apple Watch with the same black sports band looks quite boring. If you like accessorizing, you might want to switch between different bands and watch faces based on the […]

How To Take a Screenshot Or Recording On An iPad

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With most of Apple’s products having an extremely intuitive user interface and design, many functions are very easy to learn and execute. However, some things may not be immediately obvious, […]

How to Reset or Unfreeze an iPad or iPhone

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If you use an iPhone or iPad, you have most likely experienced the device freezing at some point or another. This is usually caused by an app taking up more […]

How To Erase Your iPhone Or iPad Remotely

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It happens. You leave your iPhone on a coffee table or your iPad in the cafeteria. You try to look for it. You try to find it using iCloud but […]

What Is iMovie? A Guide On Getting Started

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iMovie is a simplified video editing application for macOS and iOS. Perfect for beginners or those who don’t need professional-grade video editing software, iMovie is very easy to use. Still, […]

The Best Antivirus Options for Mac

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As a macOS user, you’ve probably heard that your computer doesn’t need an antivirus to protect it from malware. Unfortunately, that’s nothing more than a myth that was debunked a […]

7 Best Bluetooth Headsets For iPhone

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The line between Bluetooth headphones and Bluetooth headsets has become quite blurry indeed. Just about every Bluetooth headset for iPhone set has a built-in microphone and allows you to answer […]

The 5 Best Games For iPhone [2020]

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Mobile gaming has come a long way since the days of playing Snake on an old Nokia phone. You can play games on your iPhone that rival console experiences without […]

What Is HDR On An iPhone Camera?

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You may have seen the term HDR on a television advertisement or seen the symbol on your iPhone camera. HDR stands for high dynamic range and means that photos and […]

How To Update tvOS on Apple TV

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Every Fall, Apple releases a major update to tvOS, which is the operating system for the Apple TV. Apple adds new and interesting features throughout the year with smaller updates […]