How To Block Websites In Safari On Mac

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While most websites you come across are usually informative and help you with the tasks you’re stuck at, there are also other websites that mainly distract you from the work […]

How to Disable Annoying Default Alerts on Apple Watch

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The Apple Watch is honestly one of the most impressive devices released in the past decade. The integration of lifestyle monitoring (such as Fitbit) and the ability to see texts […]

The 3 Best Free VPN Services For Mac

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MacOS may still be one of the safer operating system choices when it comes to online activity, but it is not infallible. There are no safety guarantees for those choosing […]

A Guide to Screen Mirroring an iPhone/iPad to a PC or Mac

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Recent iPhone and iPad models have brought with them really large and crystal-clear screens so you can view your content and the objects in them easily. However, there are still […]

How to Block Websites on an iPhone

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For the overworked parent, you can’t always be around to protect your children from the evils of the world. This includes what they can and cannot view online via mobile […]

How To Remap Fn Keys On Your Mac

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Whether you use a Windows PC or a Mac machine, your keyboard has all the standard functions keys at the top. These keys are assigned with various functions by the […]

4 Best Free Photo Editors for Mac

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Everyone knows that MacOS is the best platform for image editing, but finding the right software isn’t so clear. Photoshop is the default choice, but the insane pricing can put […]

How To Access iCloud Content On Your Android Device

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iCloud provides you with a great way to keep your content organized on the cloud. It supports various file types that include images, videos, notes, contacts, and so on. Pretty […]

How To Determine Whether Your iPhone Has Spyware

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Can you remember what life was like prior to purchasing your first iPhone? Apple’s handy little mobile device has come a long way and changed many lives in the process. […]

How To Access Recent Items From The MacOS Dock

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Getting quick access to recent items is something every Mac user desires as it immediately lets them get back to their previously unfinished work. You may want to continue reading […]