Demo Windows Phone UI on Your iPhone

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You can run windows on a Mac using Bootcamp, VMware, Parallels, or other software. So, can you run Windows Phone on an iPhone. Yes, but it’s much simpler and not quite the same process. In today’s post, we will quickly review how to get a Windows 7 demo on an iPhone. To get started, launch […]

Create A Custom Joke Siri Conversation

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The Siri voice feature that was first introduced with the iPhone 4S has become the most hyped new feature to reach the iOS platform. Although Siri is much like the voice command and response automation software that we’ve had for the last decade, it’s also unique in it’s own Apple way. Siri is for the […]

Set Automatic Startup and Login Items in Mac OS X

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If you have some commonly used programs and applications that you would like OS X to auto launch whenever you login, there are some simple ways to customize auto start items. You don’t have to use automator, although that would probably work too. Instead, OS X offers a user account setting that has a specific […]

Connect a Mac Computer to a TV

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With all of the media that is available on the internet, and all of the media that is often collected in an iTunes library, there are times when you may want to connect your Mac computer to your TV. There are a few different options that can be used to connect your device to a […]

5 Thunderbolt Compatible Devices and Accessories

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Apple in collaboration with Intel released the Thunderbolt interface as a versatile I/O solution to not only replace the Mini DisplayPort, but also to be flexible in the type of devices that it supports. From there, Apple slowly but surely started integrating thunderbolt into their Mac computer lineup, now so, that it is the standard […]

AppleCare + Details

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Previously, we posted an article relating to whether or not AppleCare is worth it. For those who are new to Apple products, AppleCare is essentially just an extended warranty program that Apple offers on the majority of their products. As of more recently, Apple has released a new division of AppleCare dubbed AppleCare +, which […]

iDeck iPhone and iPod Car Dock Review

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I have owned an iPhone/iPod accessory called the iDeck for a few months now, in which I have found it to be an absolutely great purchase. You have probably never heard of the iDeck, but much as it’s name implies, it is an iPhone and iPod adapter for your car’s tape deck. Thus, this won’t […]

iPad 2 Cannot Determine Location?

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So you just bought a shiny new iPad 2 and you tap on Google Maps and what happens? You get a message saying “Cannot Determine Location”! Well that sucks! A $600+ device better be able to find itself on a map, right! Well, if you have an iPad 2 3G, there are a couple of […]

How to Unlock Screen Rotation on iPhone

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Here’s a simple post for newcomers to the iPhone or iPad family. You may run into an issue where your screen gets locked into one orientation, either horizontal or vertical. If you turn the device to the other direction, nothing happens. That can be really annoying! Luckily it’s a very simple fix. If you want […]

iPhone – How to Add Words to the Dictionary

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I just upgraded to iOS 5 on my iPhone 4S and I wanted to add a few words to the dictionary since I am always texting in two languages, English and Hindi. Obviously, the dictionary has no Hindi words, so it’s a royal pain when it tries to autocorrect everything that I type in that […]