How to Make Safari Remember Passwords

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So I love using Safari to browse the Internet, but one little quirk that I kept running across was that some websites I load which require a username and password to not get saved into Keychain. Keychain, for those of you who don’t, is the utility on OS X that stores all your login information […]

How to Attach an External USB Hard Drive to your AirPort Extreme

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This tutorial will guide you through the (very simple, actually) process of attaching an external USB hard drive to your Airport Extreme. It will also show you how to determine who has access to the hard drive and review the security options.

Make Multi-Page PDF Files in Mac OS X

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Have you ever had a bunch of PDFs you wanted to assemble into one unified document?  Most people will tell you need Adobe Acrobat.  But in fact, OS X already has you covered with a nifty little program called Automator.  Automator is an ingenious and easy to use tool that lets you build sequences of […]

How to Permanently Stop Dock Icons from Bouncing

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Even if you’ve set your Dock preferences not to animate when you click them, some applications insist on bouncing to get your attention. This brief tutorial will show you how to disable that behavior. If you open your System Preferences and select Dock, you can disable the animation (bouncing) that happens when you click an […]

How to Set Alarms and Timers on your Mac

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I’ve tried out at least a dozen different “Alarm Clock” programs for OS X. I finally found the perfect one in a program aptly titled Alarm Clock. This brief tutorial will guide you through setting up and using Alarm Clock. To get started, head over to the Alarm Clock page, and download it. Once the […]

How to Make Safari’s Private Browsing Feature Actually Private

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If you’ve been using Safari’s Private Browsing feature to keep your web-tracks hidden, it might come as a surprise to you that you are leaving a very visible record of the sites you’ve been visiting. This tutorial will show you how to remove those records. Using a Terminal command, anyone with access to your Mac […]

How to Check your Hotmail using

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This tutorial will guide you through setting up Mail, the default email application that comes with OS X, so that you can send and receive your Hotmail messages from directly within Mail. Start out by launching Mail, and selecting Mail -> Preferences… from the top drop-down menu. Select the Accounts tab and then click the […]

An Introduction to the Apple Keyboard Symbols and Shortcuts

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This brief tutorial/overview will explain how to identify the keys on your Mac’s keyboard, and some of the most common keyboard shortcuts. Apple Keyboard Symbols Here’s a breakdown of the Apple Keyboard keys. – also displayed as = the Command key (also known as the “Apple key”).   = the Control (ctrl) key   = […]

Keyboard Shortcuts for When your Mac Freezes

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The following list of keyboard shortcuts will come in handy when your Mac freezes up (which as we all know isn’t that frequent of an event). I’ve ordered this list in a “start with this one, if it doesn’t work, try the next one” manner. Quit the currently running foreground program – Command + q […]

How to Restore a Folder that has Turned into a Package in OS X

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Earlier this week I accidentally copied something to my Desktop that caused the Desktop itself to no longer be recognized by OS X as a folder. It turned into a “package” instead. All of the icons on my Desktop disappeared and the link to my Desktop from the Finder’s sidebar no longer worked. Here’s how […]