How To Create Your Own Custom Ringtones Using iTunes

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One of the things that’s so great about owning a smartphone is the sheer number of personalization possibilities available. From wallpapers to ringtones to phone protective cases, you have various ways in which to stamp your unique personality onto your phone. However, with regards to ringtones on an iPhone, the thing I don’t like about […]

How To Create Your Own Dynamic Wallpapers On MacOS

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If you have had a MacOS computer for a while, you will know what dynamic wallpapers are. These are the ones which change depending on what time of day it is. So a dark wallpaper will appear during the night while a light wallpaper will appear during the day. This can be extremely helpful if […]

How To View & Cancel Your iOS Subscriptions On Your iDevice

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One of the things I love about owning a tablet (in my case, an iPad) is that I can ditch all of my print magazine subscriptions and go digital instead. As well as magazines, there are other kinds of subscriptions, such as app upgrades and games, all of which can be accessed and monitored through […]

How to Change the Function of AirPods

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Bluetooth headphones have been around for years, but Apple changed the game when they introduced the AirPods. The AirPods look great and are built to be the most comfortable option for the average person, but their true power of the AirPods comes through in their functionality and versatility. AirPods are activated (or deactivated) by double […]

Upgrading a MacBook that’s Over 10 Years Old

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It was the fall of my junior year in high school when my aunt bought me my first laptop. A brand-new MacBook Pro and I absolutely couldn’t believe it. As it turns out, this same computer is still running almost 10 years later; but is it running as efficiently? With a little tender, love, and […]

How To Set Up “Do Not Disturb” On iOS

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If it is 2.00am and you only have a few hours to get some sleep, there’s nothing worse than someone trying to call you, or ping you on chat. Turning the phone off or slinging it out of the room may be impractical if you use your phone as an alarm clock. So what do […]

How to Clear the Photo App’s Hidden Trash

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Your drive space is precious, especially if you have a laptop with limited storage. For many Macbook Pro owners, the standard 256 GB flash memory drive is the most affordable option, but not the most spacious. If you use your Macbook for serious photo or video editing work, then you know how quickly that space […]

How To Rip a Music CD Using iTunes

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I know what you’re thinking. What is a music CD? It’s 2019 and we’re all busy buying digital music or streaming it on Spotify. So what’s all this CD business? 1999 called – they want their technology back. All joking aside, people are still using CD’s today. Amazon still sells them and you can obviously […]

How To Retrieve Your iPhone If It Is Lost Or Stolen

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These days, iPhones are expensive pieces of hardware, and as such they are highly desired targets for thieves. So it can be heartbreaking to discover that someone has swiped your phone while you were not looking. It doesn’t hurt any less to discover you have simply lost the phone through carelessness on your part. Whether […]

How To Encrypt a Folder On MacOS Using Disk Utility

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On Windows, you have Bitlocker. Cross-platform, you also have VeraCrypt (successor to TrueCrypt). But if you want to encrypt a folder on the fly in MacOS, then the quickest and easiest way is to use Disk Utility. Disk Utility is a function built into the MacOS operating system and can do things such as wiping […]