How To Enable & Use ‘Picture In Picture’ Mode On Your Mac

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‘Picture in picture’ mode has long been available for a number of devices except for the Apple Mac. If you don’t already know what it is, it is a mode that allows you to play a video (or any other content for that matter) in a window that floats over your existing app windows. You […]

The Best iOS Scanner Apps To Scan Documents & Images

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The first commercial model of the Xerox machine was almost the size of two washing machines, weighing about 650 pounds, and prone to overheating.  Nonetheless, it was a godsend for secretaries as they no longer needed to use lousy carbon paper or visit third-party external print shops to produce quality copies. Its core technology later […]

The Best Extensions For The Safari Browser

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If you have an Apple device, you’re likely familiar with Safari. Although it’s not nearly as popular as Google Chrome, the fact that it’s built into every MacBook, iPhone, and iPad means that it’s still being used on plenty of devices. Although Safari is packed with its fair share of features, including incognito mode and […]

How To Convert HEIC Images To JPG

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HEIC is one of the newer image formats that gives you the quality of a JPG image but half the size of the original image. Apple has started using this newer format on its iPhones and the recent photos you have taken on your iPhone are likely saved in this new format. While these HEIC […]

How To Do Everything With PDF Files On Your Mac

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If there is one file format which I love, it’s PDF. Don’t ask me why as I can’t really explain it. Maybe it’s the file’s robustness, its various features, how you never really seem to have problems with it. It’s a solid file standard which you know you can always rely on. For really advanced […]

6 Features Of iPadOS Every iPad User Should Know About

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The year 2019 is going to be an important one for iOS users. It’s the year that iOS transforms into something significantly different. Until now, all Apple devices that aren’t Macs have shared the same operating system. Whether you had an Apple TV, iPad or iPhone, it used iOS. While all three devices will still […]

How To Make iPhone Screencasts With Quicktime

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If you want to explain how to do something on a computer, smartphone or tablet screen, your best bet is to make a screencast. YouTube is full of these showing you how to do every conceivable thing in tech. A screencast is a video of you doing things on your screen. You can add your […]

What To Do When You Are Switching From An Old iPad To a New One

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Yesterday, I bought a new iPad – the 2019 iPad Air. This doesn’t happen very often. I tend to keep my devices until they are literally on their last legs, wheezing for breath. My old device, the 2013 iPad model, was struggling to operate iOS 10 so I decided to put it out of its […]

How To Set Up & Use MacOS Dictation

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I write a lot. It is my occupation, my hobby, and pretty much the one thing I am good at. If I am not writing articles, I am writing books, which means not only do I mess up a lot of keyboards, I also end up hurting my hands and wrists while going at 130 […]

Pre-Installed MacOS Software Which Is Actually Really Good

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Everyone likes to ridicule some of the pre-installed software which comes standard with every MacOS computer. Granted, some of it is bad (Stocks? Dashboard?) but there are also some which are amazingly good. Even my wife (who is extremely anti-Apple in her views) had to grudgingly admit the other day that iMovie is an amazing […]