How to Store Your iTunes Library on an External Drive

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While conventional internal hard drive space is plentiful in the majority of modern Macs, there are several good reasons why you may wish to store your iTunes Library on an external drive. Firstly, in this day and age, the sheer quantity of media we have in our iTunes Libraries – music, movies, podcasts, apps and […]

How to Repair Permissions in OS X

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When it comes to keeping your Mac running smoothly, repairing permissions is one of the quickest and simplest tasks to do for a user switching to Mac. Permissions are the term Mac OS X uses for the access privileges a user has for every file, folder and application on their system, giving that user the […]

Change the iPhoto Library Location

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A robust and feature filled application, iPhoto is a great way to organize your picture library. iPhoto includes Events, Places and Faces, which can arrange photos by date, geo-location and facial recognition software respectively. You’re also able to create slideshows, photo books and albums. With today’s HD camcorders and high megapixel cameras, storing all your […]

Stream Media from the Mac to the Xbox 360

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The Xbox 360 features built-in support for streaming media from a Windows PC, both from Windows Media Player and acting as an Extender for Windows Media Center, but it is possible to achieve ┬ásimilar functionality with a Mac using third-party solutions. In this tutorial, we’re going to look at using one of the most popular […]

Extract Images from a PDF using Preview and iPhoto

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The PDF format is one of the most common eBook types that you are likely to come across on the Internet. While OS X supports the reading of PDF files using the application Preview, and Apple’s portable devices now have excellent PDF compatibility with the introduction of the iBooks App, there may be times where […]

Take Screenshots in Mac OS X with Keyboard Shortcuts

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Mac OS X features a variety of different keyboard shortcut combinations for users to grab images of their current Desktop and open Application windows. In this article we will guide you through taking screenshots using each of these keyboard shortcuts, with the resulting images accompanying them as examples. Changing the Default Screenshot Format First, a […]

Create Shortcut Folders in the Dock

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One of the first things that any new Mac user becomes acquainted with is the Dock. The Dock is where your most used applications are kept (their shortcut at least), the Finder, Application Folder, Trash and System Preferences. Creating a shortcut to an application is fairly simple, by just dragging the Application from the folder […]

How to Scan in OS X Using Image Capture

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Using the Area Selection Tool in Image Capture on OS X

Mac OS X makes many computing tasks simpler by having the necessary functionality built into the operating system itself, and scanning images and documents onto your computer’s hard drive is no different. Image Capture is the Mac OS X application that handles all scanning duties for Mac-compatible scanner hardware. Before beginning to scan your image, […]

Fix “iPad Disabled. Connect to iTunes” Message

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If you have an iPad and don’t want anyone else to access your device while you are away or not using it, then you can set a security passcode that has to be entered in order to gain access to the Home screen. Whenever you turn on, restart, sleep or lock the screen on your […]

How to Use Handbrake in Mac OS X

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Apple’s range of portable video media devices has expanded massively over the last few years. The iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad all feature powerful video playing capabilities, while the Apple TV allows you to watch iTunes content via your television. The iTunes Store features a wide range of video content to purchase and download, but […]