How To Do Group Facetime on Mac & iOS

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FaceTime is one of the best features available to Mac users, enabling high-quality video calls between users with just a few clicks. While other services also offer video calling, FaceTime […]

What is Mission Control on MacOS? Is It Useful?

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macOS has a lot of powerful built-in tools to help users be more productive throughout the day, and one of the most effective of these is Mission Control on Mac. […]

The 4 Best Apple Pencil Alternatives

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Despite Steve Jobs’ dislike at the idea of adding a pencil to an iPad (he supposedly said “yuck” at a press conference when asked), the accessory has caught on in […]

How To Connect AirPods To a Mac or iOS Device

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AirPods are one of the best creations Apple has come out with in recent years. Though pricey, the original models are available for significantly less than their original price, especially […]

8 Useful OS X Keyboard Shortcuts

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Apple is the go-to choice for users who want to be more productive and more efficient, and for good reason. After all, macOS is equipped with a lot of keyboard […]

The Best Places To Find Custom Apple Watch Faces

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The Apple Watch is the epitome of wearable tech. It can make and receive phone calls, track your biometric data, function as a Fitbit, and much more. In the latest […]

The 3 Best HomeKit Compatible Smart Thermostats

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Apple HomeKit is one of the major smart home platforms, but it’s by far the least popular due to the relatively narrow range of compatible devices and the complicated setup […]

The Best Mac Keyboard Shortcuts to Learn

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The engineering behind each one of Apple’s touchpads make them some of the best on the market today. A quick swipe can move the cursor anywhere you need it, while […]

How to Disable Annoying Default Alerts on Apple Watch

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The Apple Watch is honestly one of the most impressive devices released in the past decade. The integration of lifestyle monitoring (such as Fitbit) and the ability to see texts […]

4 Best Free Photo Editors for Mac

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Everyone knows that MacOS is the best platform for image editing, but finding the right software isn’t so clear. Photoshop is the default choice, but the insane pricing can put […]