The Best Mac Keyboard Shortcuts to Learn

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The engineering behind each one of Apple’s touchpads make them some of the best on the market today. A quick swipe can move the cursor anywhere you need it, while gestures grant unprecedented levels of control over windows, apps, and much more. A user could be forgiven for thinking a smooth touchpad is all they […]

How to Disable Annoying Default Alerts on Apple Watch

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The Apple Watch is honestly one of the most impressive devices released in the past decade. The integration of lifestyle monitoring (such as Fitbit) and the ability to see texts and calls at a glance is nothing short of miraculous. The Watch monitors my heart rate, the amount I exercise, and how much I stand.  […]

4 Best Free Photo Editors for Mac

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Everyone knows that MacOS is the best platform for image editing, but finding the right software isn’t so clear. Photoshop is the default choice, but the insane pricing can put it outside the budget for a huge number of people.  There are quite a few free or low cost options, but it can be tough […]

4 Best Free Calendar Apps For iOS

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For many people, their phone is their main way of staying connected and on top of day-to-day tasks. A great calendar can mean the difference between remembering that client meeting and becoming the hero of your firm – or forgetting and missing out on a major opportunity. That said, not all calendar apps are created […]

The Best MacOS Automator Scripts You Should Have Installed

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Automation tools like IFTTT and Siri Shortcuts are popular options to streamline day-to-day tasks, but MacOS has long had a tool for this. Automator is not well known to anyone except power users, but when implemented correctly it can take care of minutia and help remove tedium from everyday tasks.   Automator doesn’t require programming […]

How To Turn iOS Live Photos Into GIF Images

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The iOS Live Photo feature is great for two reasons. The first is that you can often catch hilarious moments in the seconds surrounding a photo that would normally be lost in the snapshot. The second is because those same moments can be turned into GIFs, a feature that the vast majority of users don’t […]

How to Change the Function of AirPods

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Bluetooth headphones have been around for years, but Apple changed the game when they introduced the AirPods. The AirPods look great and are built to be the most comfortable option for the average person, but their true power of the AirPods comes through in their functionality and versatility. AirPods are activated (or deactivated) by double […]

How to Clear the Photo App’s Hidden Trash

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Your drive space is precious, especially if you have a laptop with limited storage. For many Macbook Pro owners, the standard 256 GB flash memory drive is the most affordable option, but not the most spacious. If you use your Macbook for serious photo or video editing work, then you know how quickly that space […]

The Best Diagnostic Tools for Mac

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Windows computers have a number of well known and easy-to-use diagnostic tools, but the people in the Mac camp lack that versatility. MacOS is known to be harder to work with, and most users find it easier to let a specialized tech handle the problem rather than deal with it on their own. But if […]

How to Record Professional Quality Video on Your iPhone

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High-quality video is available to anyone with a modern smartphone. Gone are the days when you needed a DSLR and $10,000 worth of lighting equipment to capture great shots and record quality audio—now you can do it just by changing a few settings on your iPhone. This is a great advantage in this age of […]