Having Bluetooth Problems in OS X Lion?

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Using a Bluetooth mouse or keyboard with your Mac and having issues with it disconnecting all the time after upgrading to OS X Lion? Well you’re not alone! It’s definitely some issue with Lion and it’s not yet been fixed in 10.7.2! So what can you do? Well, there are some cheap attempts at fixing […]

The 5 Best iPhone 4S Cases

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I just got my iPhone 4S today and it’s all about being extra careful with my new shiny gadget! I’m upgrading from a iPhone 3GS, so I definitely have to buy a new case. If you had an iPhone 4, chances are you can use the same case, but that’s up to you. As usual, […]

iOS 5 Upgrade Troubleshooting and Issues

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For many iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad owners, the upgrade to iOS 5 went pretty smoothly. However, some of our site readers/subscribers have posted some questions regarding some issues with iOS 5. In today’s post, we will address some of these iOS 5 upgrade issues, and provide some troubleshooting steps. Let’s start with some comments […]

Is AppleCare Worth It?

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On nearly all of their mainstream products, Apple offers an extended warranty program called AppleCare. From there, each AppleCare protection plan is priced accordingly based on the product that it covers, or protects. For example, an AppleCare protection plan for a 13-inch MacBook Pro costs $249.00, and a plan for a iPod Touch costs $59.00. […]

Setup iCloud on a Mac or iDevice

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Apple’s iCloud service has recently left the development stage and is now official. This is good news for many Mac and iDevice owners, because iCloud is now available to the public and not just Apple developers. In today’s article, we will review some basics of using iCloud, and demo how it works with different Apple […]

Upgrade and Clean Install iOS 5 on iPhone 4, 4S, 3G, iPad, iPhone

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Upgrading to iOS 5 from an earlier iOS version such as iOS 4 is a fairly simple task, but it’s also a major update, as it installs a whole new operating system, not just incremental fix updates that Apple often releases for their iDevices. This means that the update will take considerably more time, but […]

Fix for Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Wi-Fi Dropouts and Inconsistency

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For the most part, Mac OS X 10.7 is a quality update, considering that it’s fairly affordable. However, many Mac OS X users have reported problems such as dropouts and inconsistency with Wi-Fi (previously Airport), in 10.7. ¬†When I upgraded to 10.7, my MacBook was getting very inconsistent wireless. I figured that OS X updates […]

Move and Edit Launchpad Applications

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The Launchpad feature that comes with Mac OS X 10.7 is a nice addition, as it provides a quick way to access apps. However, not every application or program is optimized for Launchpad. In turn, when installing some apps your Mac, they may clutter or not show up in Launchpad correctly. In today’s post we […]

10 Must-Have Essential Mac Apps and Software For New Mac Buyers

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When you first purchase a new Mac, you will notice that iLife, the software that comes with OS X, has some awesome programs and applications, most notably, Garage Band and iMovie. However, there are some other programs that you will need to download in order to do things like view YouTube videos, open RAR files, […]

Open Zip, RAR, Tar, BIN, and EXE files on a Mac

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There are several different archive utilities available for OS X, but few have the functionality and different format support that The Unarchiver offers. With near perfect App Store reviews, The Unarchiver is a completely free utility that can open Zip, RAR, Tar, BIN, EXE, and more. To get started, launch the Mac App Store on […]