How To Fix The iPhone Call Failed Error

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The iPhone call failed error appears when your device is not able to successfully place a call. This can happen due to a variety of reasons, and if you’re unsure […]

How To Change Your AirDrop Name On iPhone, Mac, & iPod

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Fixing Facetime Issue: Error Occurred During Activation

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If you’re trying to activate FaceTime on your device for the first time and it shows an error message that reads “FaceTime: an error occurred during activation”, then that means […]

How to Move Your iTunes Library to a New Computer

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When you buy a new computer, the first thing you’ll probably want to do is copy all of your contents from your old computer over to the new one. This […]

MacOS Spotlight: 20 Tips & Tricks to Get the Most Out Of It

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Spotlight is one of the many excellent tools you have on your Mac. It lets you quickly and easily search for any files you want on your machine. You’re likely […]

What Are Hot Corners On a macOS & How To Set It Up

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macOS is preloaded with a number of features and while many of these are easy to locate and use, some are hidden behind several screens. This doesn’t make them any […]

9 Things To Do Before Selling Your Mac

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If you’re planning to sell your Mac, you probably don’t want the buyer to have access to your data and information available on your machine. Therefore, you’ll need to get […]

How To Send Encrypted Emails From Your Mac

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Exchanging emails has usually been a safe matter and the providers take care of the security of the emails that you send and receive. Email encryption however is something that […]

What Is Other Storage On Mac & How To Clean It Up

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Storage is one of the many expensive parts of a Mac and you want to make sure it’s used reasonably. If it is not done, you risk running out of […]

Should You Upgrade Your Mac To Mojave?

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If you’re running macOS High Sierra or older and are constantly seeing the prompts to upgrade to Mojave, it’s natural to ask yourself, “should I upgrade my Mac to Mojave?”. […]