How To Create & Use Smart Folders On MacOS

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MacOS has a really efficient system to help you search for files and folders in your storage. You can run searches that contain specific words or other criteria to find the items you’re looking for. What makes finding things even easier though is the Smart Folders feature that comes built into the Finder. Smart Folders, […]

5 Ways To Reveal The Path Of a File On MacOS

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When you create or copy a file to your Mac, it is assigned a path which is the actual location of the file on your Mac. Paths let you easily get to any folder or files on your machine as they represent the full address of the file saved on your machine. Sometimes you may […]

How To Find & Upgrade 32-Bit Apps On Your Mac

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Up until now, your Mac supported all the versions of any apps on your machine. You could run an app whether it was 32-bit or 64-bit without any issues on your machine. However, that changes with the macOS 10.15 version. Once you update your Mac to this latest version of the macOS, you’ll no longer […]

How To Enable & Use ‘Picture In Picture’ Mode On Your Mac

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‘Picture in picture’ mode has long been available for a number of devices except for the Apple Mac. If you don’t already know what it is, it is a mode that allows you to play a video (or any other content for that matter) in a window that floats over your existing app windows. You […]

How To Convert HEIC Images To JPG

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HEIC is one of the newer image formats that gives you the quality of a JPG image but half the size of the original image. Apple has started using this newer format on its iPhones and the recent photos you have taken on your iPhone are likely saved in this new format. While these HEIC […]