How To Fix AirDrop Not Working

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A common issue on MacOS is when Airdrop doesn’t work and this normally happens when you try to send files from one Apple device to another. It’s annoying and prevents […]

How To Upload Pictures From Mac To Google Photos

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With all the cloud services available out there, you don’t have to store your photos locally on your Mac. That memory space can be used for other items. Services like […]

How To Fix iPhone Touch Screen Not Working

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Sometimes your iPhone touch screen may just stop working for no apparent reason. If the screen has gone completely unresponsive and it’s due to physical damage, then you’ll need to […]

Where Are Apple Photos Stored?

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Have you ever wondered where Apple Photos stores photos on your Mac? You most likely have, as these photos are nowhere to be found on your system as regular files. […]

Why Is My iPhone Battery Yellow – An Explanation & How To Fix It

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If you’re seeing your iPhone’s battery icon turning yellow for the first time, it’s natural to wonder why. There’s a reason why it’s changed the color from the original black […]

17 Mac Trackpad Gestures and How To Customize Them

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Your Mac trackpad isn’t just a replacement for the standard mouse. It’s actually much more than that. here’s even a separate panel for you to configure the trackpad on your […]

Forgot Your iPhone Passcode? Here’s What To Do

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It’s easy to forget your iPhone passcode if you don’t use your phone regularly. Forgetting the passcode means not being able to access anything on your device. You can’t even […]

How to Edit the Hosts File on Mac

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Like Windows-based computers, Mac has a hosts file to configure how your machine connects to the websites on the Internet. This file contains references to websites and IP addresses, and […]

How To Fix ‘Move To iOS Not Working’

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In an effort to make it easier for people to move from an Android device to iOS, Apple has developed an app called Move to iOS. It lets you quickly […]

Tips, Tricks, & Hacks To Use Apple Reminders Effectively

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Apple Reminders is one of the really useful apps that comes preloaded on your iOS and Mac based devices. As the name suggests and as you may already know, it […]