Delete Messages (Saved) Taking Up Large Amounts of Space

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Recently, my wife and I got new iPhone 5S’s for Christmas and I was really hoping that when I restored the backup of the old phones to the new ones, it would clear out some space that was being taken up by iMessage. For some odd reason, when I would go to General and tap […]

iPhone 4S Taking Pictures Upside Down?

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So here’s an interesting issue with either the iPhone 4S or iOS5: when you take a picture using the volume up button and then try to view it in a third-party program or on certain websites, the picture is either upside down or it’s rotated 90 degrees (sideways) in the wrong direction! I just found […]

Hack iPhone or iPad Slider Case for Screen Protector Peel Back Compatibility

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There are a ton of different iPhone and iPad cases on the market, but some of the most popular among these cases are slider based cases. This includes brands like the Incase Slider, Case Crown Glider and the Elago S4 Glide. Thousands of these cases are sold each time Apple releases a new iPhone, but […]

Apple Exclusive Apps for iPod, iPhone and iPad

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If you’ve made the switch to Mac, or even the switch to Apple (meaning you own multiple Apple devices), you may want to consider some of the readily available apps in the AppStore that are developed and created directly by Apple. Many of these Apps can help to make your experience with one or several […]

How to Change Apple ID on iPhone

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So here’s a quick tutorial that I think should help some people. Someone was asking me how to change their Apple ID on their iPhone the other day and since I didn’t know off hand, the person ended up asking some other folks and erased her entire phone and started from scratch because someone said […]

Remember Where You Parked Using an iPhone App

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At some point, everyone has probably forgot where they parked their car. Usually when this happens, you either go on an unexpected walk and maze through the parking lot until you find your vehicle, or if you have a remote keyless entry, you consistently push the lock/unlock button to sound the horn, and follow the […]

Gadget Review: iLid is the World’s Thinnest iPhone Wallet

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There are several ways that iPhone accessory manufacturers have been able to extend the capabilities of the iPhone. One unique concept is an iPhone case that doubles as a wallet. Now, the term “iPhone wallet” may give many consumers the feeling that it’s a stupid idea, because if you have a wallet attached to an […]

Demo Windows Phone UI on Your iPhone

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You can run windows on a Mac using Bootcamp, VMware, Parallels, or other software. So, can you run Windows Phone on an iPhone. Yes, but it’s much simpler and not quite the same process. In today’s post, we will quickly review how to get a Windows 7 demo on an iPhone. To get started, launch […]

Upgrade and Clean Install iOS 5 on iPhone 4, 4S, 3G, iPad, iPhone

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Upgrading to iOS 5 from an earlier iOS version such as iOS 4 is a fairly simple task, but it’s also a major update, as it installs a whole new operating system, not just incremental fix updates that Apple often releases for their iDevices. This means that the update will take considerably more time, but […]