While Apple’s iOS and macOS devices are highly secure compared to open computer platforms, there’s always the possibility of someone spying on you through your front- or rear-facing cameras.

It can be hard to tell if your Apple iPhone has been hacked or not, but no amount of technical wizardry will let a hacker see through a physical camera lens cover. That is until Apple makes a cell phone with X-ray vision. Until then, you can use a specialized camera cover to make sure you’re the only set of eyes on whatever you’re doing.

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    iPhone case with camera cover

    Hacked iPhone Horror

    While it’s true that Apple’s walled garden approach to its devices makes it much harder for a hacker to compromise them, there’s no such thing as an utterly hack-proof device.

    Hackers are always looking for exploits and weaknesses in popular gadgets like the iPhone. Malicious “black hat” hackers exploit those vulnerabilities for gain, while “white hat” hackers report them to companies like Apple for “bug bounties,” allowing the hole to be plugged before it’s too late.

    A hacker grabbing a laptop

    There have been several high-profile hacks capable of compromising iPhone security. For instance, Pegasus is a surveillance software sold to governments and can infect an iPhone remotely without the user doing anything. Pegasus can be used to look through your files and access your cameras and microphones.

    While it’s unlikely a hacker would compromise the average person’s iPhone in this way, it’s a real threat. Hackers might discover new exploits no one knows about, and once your privacy has been compromised, you can’t reverse it. Only close the barn door after the horse has already bolted. A camera privacy cover is a simple, low-tech way to mitigate the issue. Just remember that these covers do nothing to block your microphone! So mind what you say, it may be more than just Siri listening.

    What to Look for in a Privacy iPhone Camera Cover

    Privacy iPhone camera covers come in all shapes and sizes. Some are integrated into phone cases; others can be used with an existing case or a naked phone. The mechanism used to put the cover in place can differ as well. Sliding covers are popular, but you can also get covers that work with a cap.

    Various iPhone privacy camera covers


    Whichever iPhone camera cover you choose, it should be convenient and durable. The cover shouldn’t interfere with your mobile phone’s use. Some camera covers double as a lens protector to ensure your lenses don’t break or get damaged in a fall. This is a nice feature for users who want to use their iPhones without a bulky case.

    Multi-purpose Camera Covers

    You can also get covers for other Apple devices like the iPad and MacBook. In the case of the MacBook Pro and Air, be cautious of the cover’s thickness. MacBook webcam covers have to be ultrathin, or you risk damaging the laptop when closing the lid while the cover is in place.

    Facial Unlock Blocking

    Another (somewhat obvious) consideration is that you can’t use FaceID with your iPhone if the camera is covered. Some camera covers still block the FaceID sensor even when the primary lens is open. You’ll have to use a passcode or unlock your phone with your Apple Watch, but that’s the tradeoff for better privacy!

    1. Nanobloc Universal Webcam Covers

    If you don’t want an entire case or a clip-on camera cover, these Nanobloc universal webcam covers can be the perfect minimalist solution. The only real downside here is that you have to remove these little sticker covers when you want to take a selfie or make a Zoom call. So they are best for users who rarely or never need to use their front-facing phone camera and appreciate easy installation and removal.

    Nanoblock universal camera covers

    If that sounds like you, then the Nanobloc covers are the least invasive solution. They don’t leave any residue, and they are reusable. Just rinse them with water to make them sticky again.

    You can use these with any iPhone, iPad, iPad Pro, MacBook, heck, even a Samsung Galaxy phone you have lying around. You can only buy the covers as a variety set, but the price is negligible. You can even buy a 50-pack if you need to protect many devices for your business or school.

    2. HKDGYHON Ultra-Thin Sliding Webcam Cover

    Despite an unpronounceable brand name, this webcam cover has proven extremely popular and has thousands of positive reviews on Amazon. So there must be something to this affordable three-pack of privacy protection.

    HKDGYHON Ultra-Thin Sliding Webcam Cover

    These sliding covers come in various colors, with black or white being the safest choice. However, if you have the right cases or skins on your iPhone, iPad, or even MacBook, the funky pink, blue, and green options can complement your style.

    You can buy a pack with one of each, or a pack with all one color. It’s perfect for someone who owns an iPhone, iPad, and MacBook. You can cover all three device webcams for less than ten bucks, and privacy is priceless.

    3. The Best iPhone 13 Pro Max Outer Camera Cover: Nillkin CamShield

    Suppose you’re worried about your iPhone 13 Pro Max’s rear cameras being hacked or simply need a good camera protector so those incredible high-end cameras you paid so much for don’t meet an untimely demise on the asphalt. In that case, the CamShield is an excellent option.

    The cover consists of a soft thermoplastic polyurethane frame and a hard polycarbonate back, so you get the best of both worlds. The soft frame absorbs impacts, and the hardback protects the phone from penetrating damage. It has anti-fingerprint properties, so your iPhone case will look good while protecting it.

    Nillkin CamShield

    The front of the case has a raised lip to protect your screen, although you may still want to add a screen protector for full coverage. The highlight is the sliding camera cover on the back of the case. This serves as a privacy shield and a way to protect your camera lenses. Combine this cover with a tempered glass screen protector and a stick-on sliding web camera cover, and your iPhone 13 Pro Max will be protected against damage and spies!

    Alternative option: Spy-Fy iPhone 13 Pro Max Case with Camera Covers Front and Rear

    4. The Best iPhone 13 Mini Camera Cover: Spy-Fy iPhone 13 Mini Case with Camera Covers Front and Rear (and iPhone 12 Mini)

    In most cases, if you want both front and rear cameras covered, you need to buy separate covers for your phone. The Spy-Fy takes all the guesswork out of making your phone more private by offering a single phone case solution that covers everything.

    Spy-Fy iPhone Mini case

    This is an excellent protective case for your iPhone 13 Mini. If you drop your phone, it will probably be OK. Spy-Fy promises “military-grade” 6-foot drop protection thanks to integrated air cushions. You should still consider a glass screen protector to protect your phone against protruding objects like small rocks.

    As for the privacy features, this case has integrated camera covers for both the front and rear cameras. This only works because each of these Spy-Fy cases is designed for one specific phone model, but if you own the older iPhone 12 Mini, you’re in luck because there’s a version of this case for that phone (and other iPhone models) too!

    5. The Best iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and Pro Camera Cover: Joya Camera Case for iPhone 11

    The iPhone 11 series of phones might be two generations behind as we write this, but there are still more than 150 million 11s out there and a serious need for camera privacy for a good chunk of them.

    Joya Camera CAse for iPhone 11

    Joya has the entire range of iPhone 11s covered, with iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max cases. There are four bright color options available, although we think the purple and green options are the most attractive.

    The scratch-resistant sliding rear camera cover is the main feature here, but it’s also an excellent case in general. It uses both silicone and polycarbonate materials in the cover, so you get the benefits of each material where it’s needed most. Of course, you’ll have to add your own front-camera sticker cover to complete the package, but one neat feature is the built-in magnetic ring, which is compatible with a variety of magnetic phone mounts,

    6. The Best iPhone X and iPhone XS Camera Cover Case EyePatch Case

    The EyePatch case is another of those elusive camera blocker cases that can block both the front and rear cameras simultaneously. Unlike other similar cases, this cover slide mechanism covers or uncovers both cameras simultaneously. This is a more elegant solution than cases that require separate cover operations.

    This particular cover only fits the iPhone X and iPhone XS. We tried finding a version to fit the iPhone XR, iPhone Max XR, or iPhone XS Max, but it seems that iPhone X family accessories of any kind are becoming hard to find.

    EyePatch Case

    This dual-layer case uses soft TPU rubber as a lining on the inside and hard plastic on the outer shell. So this should help make the case more shockproof while still warding off scratches and penetrating damage from sharp objects.

    The case works with iPhone chargers’ wireless charging bases, and it doesn’t obstruct your flash. This is an issue with some cases, so it’s worth considering if you like to do flash photography.

    Apart from the sweet dual-purpose camera cover slide, the best thing about the EyePatch is that it doesn’t block FaceID functionality! Of course, for some people, this is a downside. Since they have an issue with FaceID, this is an excellent choice if you’d like to keep FaceID while blocking the standard iPhone webcam.

    7. The Best iPhone 8, 7, and 6s Plus Camera Cover: CloudValley Webcam Cover

    While Apple is great at supporting their older products with software updates and accessories, finding third-party cases and covers for the iPhone 8 and older phones can be tough as accessory makers move on to newer models.

    If you have an iPhone 8, iPhone 7, or iPhone 6s Plus and are worried about the privacy of your front-facing camera, this simple sliding cover from CloudValley has you, well, covered.

    CloudValley Webcam Cover

    The cover has a matte black finish and uses a 3M adhesive to attach to your device. Just press it in place for 15 seconds to attach it permanently. Then simply slide it from one position to the other to use.

    Although this cover is compatible with MacBook computers, carefully check the compatibility list. Some 2019 MacBooks might suffer a cracked screen because even this ultra-thin cover is still too thick. Of course, for an iPhone or iPad, this is a non-issue.

    Spy Vs. Spy

    Unless you’re actively under surveillance by a government agency, you don’t have to worry too much that someone is spying on you through your iPhone. That is unless you’ve jailbroken your device, loaded unverified apps on it, or tend to hang around malware-infested websites!

    If you just can’t shake the paranoia that it always feels like someone is watching you, grab one of these iPhone camera covers and keep those prying eyes in the dark.