You just bought a new iPhone, or you’ve had one for a while now and want to change the default wallpaper it shipped with. 

Apple provides some beautiful and unique wallpapers for the iPhone, but sometimes you just want something different from what you’re used to. Some third-party vendors have unique and cool wallpapers, most of which are free to download and use.

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    Fortunately, there are many sites where you can download free wallpapers for your iPhone.

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    Best Sites To Get Free Wallpaper for iPhone

    Whether you’re a fan of cute animals, goofy memes, breathtaking sunsets, and everything in between, these sites provide quality wallpapers to spruce up your iPhone and add some personality to it.

    1. Zedge

    Zedge offers a wide selection of unique and original free wallpapers for iPhone. The wallpapers are organized into HD, pets and animals, abstract, technology, cartoons and animations, holidays and events, beauty and stars, and more.

    Zedge wallpapers

    You can use the search feature to pick your device and then download your wallpaper. Once you pick the device, Zedge remembers it, so next time you need more wallpaper, it will deliver images customized to fit your iPhone screen. 

    If you want wallpapers for your child’s smartphone, you can use the family filter to find child-friendly options. And if you have other devices like an iPad, Mac, or PC, you can download wallpapers for them too. 

    2. Walli

    Walli is a wallpaper community designed for artists who upload their original artwork in different sizes so you can get one for your iPhone.

    The wallpapers are free to download and use from the Walli website or mobile app. And, you can get something unique and colorful for your iPhone besides the usual sites that offer free HD images

    Walli wallpapers

    Walli wallpapers are also organized into different categories, including lettering art, superhero pictures, travel photos, and portraits, among others. 

    You can browse through these categories to find a replacement for the tired wallpaper on your iPhone.

    3. is a website and mobile app that offers a wide variety of categories from which you can pick free wallpapers for your iPhone. Select your device to get the proper size and choose a resolution to download compatible wallpapers for your device. wallpapers

    The app offers a clean and simple layout, so it’s easy to navigate and find the wallpaper you want, then add it to your iPhone. 

    4. Unsplash

    Unsplash is a popular free stock photo website where you can find some of the best public domain images under the Unsplash License. That just means you can download and use any photo on the site for free for any reason – no permission or attribution is required. You can browse categories like travel or nature and search for images or see what others are downloading. 

    Unsplash wallpaper

    You can download unique wallpapers for your iPhone from blue backgrounds to black and white backdrops and more for free.

    Once you find a wallpaper you like, tap Download, and it will be saved in your Recent folder from where you can add it as wallpaper to your iPhone.

    5. Patternator

    If you like hilarious, fun, and goofy stuff, Patternator is worth considering. You can create awesome patterns from various stickers from the app’s collection or use your photos to make stickers. 

    The app has an intuitive pattern creation tool that lets you pick multiple patterns and stickers, and choose background colors, spacing, and other settings. This way, you can make the coolest animated patterns and save them on your iPhone as live photo wallpaper. 

    Patternator wallpapers

    You can also pick a background from highly curated color palettes or automatically suggested colors, adjust the pattern’s rotation, scale, and more through smart layouts and settings. 

    The app also allows you to share your live pattern as a live video, photo, or GIF in HD on Instagram, TikTok, and more. You can also save your photos on your device.

    6. HDwallpapers

    HDwallpapers offers free iPhone wallpapers and HD backgrounds that are easy to download and share. The wallpapers come in different categories, including brands, bikes, anime, cars, abstract, animals, flowers, funny, love, nature, celebrations, city, and architecture, among many others.

    HDwallpapers wallpapers

    The wallpapers look great, and you’ll find an ideal resolution for your iPhone selected for you. You can also use the drop-down menu to choose a different resolution based on your iPhone model. 

    Each day, you’ll find new wallpapers on HDwallpapers’ website, classified under Latest, Featured, and Popular wallpapers. The only drawback with this site is that you have to wait about 10 seconds to download a wallpaper.

    7. Atlas Wallpaper

    Love cityscapes, maps, and everything in between? Atlas Wallpaper is made just for you.

    The app allows you to create beautiful cartography wallpapers of maps from any part of the world for your iPhone at no cost. You can search for any city in the world, position your map, and save it to your iPhone. 

    Atlas Wallpaper wallpaper

    You’ll find a wide range of styles to choose from or upgrade to the premium version to create your own styles. 

    You can also pinch and zoom or pan around and create a cool outline-based map wallpaper for your iPhone. If you don’t like the color scheme, you can switch it to your preferred colors and enjoy the new experience on your device.

    Find the Perfect iPhone Wallpaper

    Your iPhone wallpaper is an easy way to customize your device visually. Plus, it can serve as a good reminder of something breathtaking, motivational, beautiful, quirky, or just plain funny. That’s why we chose these best sites and apps that will help you find free wallpaper for your iPhone. 

    What’s your favorite site to get free wallpaper for the iPhone? Sound off in the comments.