Can’t Log Into YouTube App on iPad or iPhone?

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So here’s a really annoying problem I had today: my daughter loves watching airplane videos on YouTube and I have a couple of them saved to my Favorites. I usually show it to her on my computer, but today I wanted to use the iPad. I went to log into the app using my Google […]

Where are the Arrow Keys on the iPad Keyboard?

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Someone asked me the other day where they arrow keys were on the iPad keyboard and I was a little taken aback! Not because of the question, but because I had never thought about the arrow keys! Even though I use the arrow keys constantly on my computer, I have never used them on my […]

Best iPad 3/The New iPad Cases

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Just got a new shiny iPad 3? You’ve probably already read a bunch of best iPad cases posts, but I’ve been waiting to write mine just so that I could see which ones people really liked and which ones ended up being duds. After researching a bunch of cases, I’ve come up with a list […]

iPad 2 Cannot Determine Location?

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So you just bought a shiny new iPad 2 and you tap on Google Maps and what happens? You get a message saying “Cannot Determine Location”! Well that sucks! A $600+ device better be able to find itself on a map, right! Well, if you have an iPad 2 3G, there are a couple of […]

Upgrade and Clean Install iOS 5 on iPhone 4, 4S, 3G, iPad, iPhone

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Upgrading to iOS 5 from an earlier iOS version such as iOS 4 is a fairly simple task, but it’s also a major update, as it installs a whole new operating system, not just incremental fix updates that Apple often releases for their iDevices. This means that the update will take considerably more time, but […]

Sign Out of iTunes Account on iPad

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The first thing you’ll have to do with your new iPad is sync it with iTunes on your Mac. Once you do, your iTunes account will automatically be associated with the iPad and all purchases made from the App Store, iBook Store or iTunes Store will be with this account. If the wrong iTunes account […]

Titles In iMovie For iPad

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If you recently picked up a new iPad 2 you may know about Apple’s new iMovie for iPad app. This powerful application lets you cut, edit and share videos directly from your iPad. One of the many features that iMovie for iPad has is adding titles to your videos. In this quick tutorial we will […]

Facetime for iPad 2

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One of the most differentiating features of the iPad 2 over the first generation model is the addition of two cameras. There is an HD 720p camera on the rear of the device as well as a VGA front facing camera for video chatting and self portraits on the front. These cameras are specifically made […]

Play Flash Video on iPad without Jailbreaking

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Since the creation of the first iPhone, Apple has blocked the ability to view Flash content through its web browser. That has also carried over to the iPad, which many have argued needs to display Flash video and content since it is more, “computer-like” than “phone-like.” While jailbreaking an iOS device will allow you to […]

Redeem iTunes Promo Code on iPad

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Whether its an iTunes Gift Card or a coupon code given by an app developer, there are many different types of Promo Codes. Some give you a specific dollar amount to spend in the iTunes store and others can be for a specific app. You can redeem these promo codes on your PC or Mac […]