While there are many things you can do with your iPhone out of the box, recording a phone call isn’t one of them.

There’s currently no built-in method for recording phone calls on your iPhone for several reasons. One of them is that Apple doesn’t want to drag itself into litigation surrounding recording phone calls.

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    In addition, different states have laws around recording phone calls. This limits people’s right to record calls, especially without the consent of the parties involved.

    Fortunately, you can still record calls using third-party call recording apps for iPhone.

    Best Call Recording Apps for iPhone

    1. Rev Call Recorder

    Rev Call Recorder is a free call recording app for iPhone that merges a Rev recording number on a three-way call to facilitate the unlimited recording of incoming and outgoing calls. You can access all your recordings in the app’s Conversations area, and share them with others via email, SMS, or cloud storage.

    Rev Call Recorder app

    The app also has a premium transcription service staffed by human translators for top-notch accuracy at $1 per minute. Rev offers an ad-free experience and high-quality recordings, and there are no hidden costs or limits on the lengths of the call recordings.

    2. TapeACall Pro

    With TapeACall Pro, you can record an unlimited number of calls all year round. The app creates a three-way call between you, your caller, and the TapeACall service, merging it into a conference call, and recording the entire conversation.

    TapeACall Pro app screens

    Once you’re through with the call, you can get the recordings in the app, or use the available link to access the recordings on the web. You can also share the file via text, email, or social media, download it to your computer, or upload it to your cloud storage of choice.

    TapeACall Pro costs a paltry $10.99 per year, which is extremely affordable considering the high-quality recordings you get with clear sound for both sides. Some similar apps charge higher rates and limit your recording time.

    3. Call Recorder Pro

    Call Recorder Pro is an easy and reliable call recording app for iPhone that allows you to record incoming and outgoing calls. To get started, you must put your call on hold, dial in the recorder via the app, and merge the calls into a three-way call.

    Call Recorder Pro screens

    If you have a call in progress, you can start recording it. Once completed, download the recordings to your phone or share them via email, iMessage, cloud storage, or other apps. Playback controls are available if you want to skip forward or backward, and you can change the playback speed.

    The $9.99 fee will get you five hours’ worth of credits, but you can purchase more credits within the app and get discounts for bulk purchases.

    4. Call Recorder – IntCall

    Call Recorder allows you to make and record national or international calls and saves the recordings on your iPhone. For the call recording to work, you must use a GSM carrier with support for call hold and conference calls.

    IntCall app screens

    You can set a title for each recording, play the recordings on your phone, or share them via email or WhatsApp. Plus, you can export the recordings to your favorite cloud storage app or transfer the file to your computer with iTunes File Sharing.

    5. Phone Call Recorder – ACR

    ACR Call Recorder is a highly-rated, full-featured call recording app that records unlimited incoming and outgoing calls with clear recording quality.

    The app records conversations using your carrier’s conference call feature.  Whenever you’re on a call and need to record it, just open the app and press the record button. The app will create a three-way call between you, your caller, and the service’s recording line, and you can merge the call to begin recording.

    ACR Call Recorder app screens

    Once completed, you can play the recording, save it to cloud storage, or share it via iMessage, email, and social media. The app also offers unlimited photo call recording storage and you can rename or delete the recordings if you don’t need them anymore.

    6. Call Recorder App

    With the Call Recorder App for iPhone, it’s easy to record incoming and outgoing calls in a few taps and access your recordings anytime, anywhere.

    The app offers everything you need to record calls and manage your recordings on your iPhone soon as the conversation is over. You can access all your recordings, rename for easy identification, export them to other apps, share with other devices, or delete them if you don’t need them anymore.

    Call Recorder app

    The app records conversations using your carrier’s conference call feature. You’ll need an active subscription to record new calls. A free trial is available so you can test run all the features and later upgrade to the membership subscription for unlimited access to all features within Call Recorder.

    7. Call Recorder for Phone Call

    With a single tap, you can record calls fast and easily using the Call Recorder for Phone Call app. Besides high-quality call recordings, you get unlimited call recordings, unlimited playback time, and local access service numbers for countries including the US, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and France.

    Call Recorder for Phone Call

    Plus, you can manage and access your recordings anywhere and anytime, upload recordings to cloud storage, or share them with anyone via social media.

    The app also allows you to get all caller details from the recordings, edit and add tags for the recording file and supports multiple languages such as Japanese, Spanish, Russian, German, French, and more.

    Record Important Conversations

    Whether you use your phone for professional or business purposes, a call recording app will help you focus on the conversation rather than jotting down notes. There are plenty of call recording apps to choose from, but not all of them make recording and managing calls easy.

    Now that you’ve found the best call recording app for your iPhone, you should check out our guides on how to record Skype calls, and how to screen record on iPhone.