The 5 Best Alternative iOS Voice Recording Apps

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As voice recognition continues to grow in popularity, device owners are gradually moving more toward speaking into their phones rather than typing. That means when you set a reminder to pick up milk on the way home or make a hair appointment, you’re more likely to pull up your phone’s voice memo app than type […]

iPhone Apps To Monitor & Improve Your Sleep

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Are you getting enough sleep? According to the CDC, one in three adults isn’t. Lack of sleep may leave you cranky and unprepared to meet the next day’s challenges, but over time it can have more serious health consequences. If you have a smartphone though, the tools you need to get more sleep are just […]

The Best Extensions For The Safari Browser

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If you have an Apple device, you’re likely familiar with Safari. Although it’s not nearly as popular as Google Chrome, the fact that it’s built into every MacBook, iPhone, and iPad means that it’s still being used on plenty of devices. Although Safari is packed with its fair share of features, including incognito mode and […]