If you have an Apple device, you’re likely familiar with Safari. Although it’s not nearly as popular as Google Chrome, the fact that it’s built into every MacBook, iPhone, and iPad means that it’s still being used on plenty of devices.

Although Safari is packed with its fair share of features, including incognito mode and a Share function, you can extend its features through the many extensions available in the App Store.

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    Simply choose the one you want and download it. At any time, you can manage your extensions by going to Safari>Preferences>Extensions.

    Mac laptop with Safari browser open

    There are so many extensions available, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. The App Store has them divided into categories to make it easier, and you can also find ones specific to the software you already use, like Pinterest and Facebook.

    Here’s a shortlist of popular extensions across various categories to help you get started.

    TranslateMe ($9.99)

    TranslateMe features window

    Websites aren’t always in the language you read, but you don’t have to let a language barrier stop you. TranslateMe for Safari lets you translate snippets of text or an entire website, pulling from multiple translation services to ensure accuracy. [Note: no longer available]

    Once downloaded, you can activate TranslateMe through a keyboard shortcut, a toolbar button, or the built-in contextual menu.

    HoverSee ($7.99)

    HoverSee features window

    HoverSee will transform your browsing experience, letting you hover over something to enlarge or play it. With HoverSee, you can preview videos and websites without leaving the page you’re currently on.

    You can also choose between automatic and manual modes, with manual being the default. [Note: no longer available]

    Ghostery Lite (Free)

    Ghostery Lite features window

    Few things disrupt the browsing experience as much as ads. If you’re tired of being constantly bombarded with invitations to try subscription boxes or online colleges, Ghostery Lite has you covered.

    Best of all, your browsing information won’t be shared with the various services collecting data on consumers. You can customize your ad-blocking experience by letting the app know which sites to trust.

    1Password (Free With In-App Purchases)

    Password fatigue is a serious problem, but you have to make sure you’re secure. Password managers have become a popular way to ensure your passwords are complex and diverse, while also steering clear of the frustration that comes from trying to keep up with them all.

    1Password will not only securely store all your passwords for you, but it will also help you create strong passwords for each account.

    Grammarly (Free With In-App Purchases)

    Grammarly's Set goals window

    Need help writing that all-too-important email to your boss or a potential client? Grammarly can help. The grammar-checking app will automatically check your grammar and let you know when something seems not quite right.

    You can also download the full version for free and copy and paste text in for a more comprehensive grammar check. Over time, Grammarly can collect data on your writing and provide feedback that can help you improve.

    Safari is a great browser, whether you’re using it on a mobile device or computer. With the right extensions, you can customize your experience to make it even better. Search the App Store to find extensions that fit your own preferences.