Setup Safari 5 to Open Links as New Tabs Instead of New Windows

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In a previous post, we covered how to force Safari 4 to open links in a new tab instead of a new window. For many people, this is the preference, as it makes web browsing a bit less cluttered and slightly more manageable. With the default Mac web browser set to open up links in […]

Making Safari More Secure in a Pinch

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If you’re a heavy Safari user, you’re probably aware that Safari automatically opens downloaded files once they have completed downloading. While this is generally a convienient feature, it’s becoming increasingly unsafe as Mac security threats are on the rise. In this tutorial, we will be showing you how to disable auto opening of downloaded media. […]

How To Increase Page Load Speed in Safari

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Most Mac users have experienced slow load times on Safari at least once.  You open one too many windows or you go to the wrong website, and suddenly you see the “spinning beach ball of death”.  Once this colorful spinning wheel appears on your screen, you can only hope that the Safari application doesn’t quit […]

Changing Safari’s Default Fonts

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Safari is a great web browser, but if you have bad eyesight, this may not be the case. In this tutorial we will be showing you how to change the default font and font size in the Safari web browser. This simple task requires no additional software. Changing Safari’s Default Fonts 1. Open Safari by […]

Add New Search Engines To Safari with Glims

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The Safari web browser allows users to choose between Google, Yahoo and Bing, but offers no other search engine options.  If you want to use Dogpile as your Safari search engine (or Ask or DuckDuckGo or something else entirely), then you’re out of luck, as Safari (unlike Firefox) doesn’t allow you to switch to any […]

Working with Downloads in Safari

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Safari features a dedicated Downloads window which allows you to view your current downloads, stop and restart them as well as perform various operations with your downloaded files. In combination with the Downloads folder on your Mac’s hard drive, Safari allows you to easily control and work with downloaded files from the Internet. In this […]

Create Web Clip Widgets for Dashboard

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Users of Apple’s mobile iOS devices have long understood the ability to create Web Clips, which then act as Apps on their Home Screen, but few Mac users are aware that you can also create Web Clips to use as Widgets in Dashboard on OS X. Web Clip Widgets are especially useful for news sections […]

How to Make Safari Remember Passwords

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So I love using Safari to browse the Internet, but one little quirk that I kept running across was that some websites I load which require a username and password to not get saved into Keychain. Keychain, for those of you who don’t, is the utility on OS X that stores all your login information […]

How to Make Safari’s Private Browsing Feature Actually Private

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If you’ve been using Safari’s Private Browsing feature to keep your web-tracks hidden, it might come as a surprise to you that you are leaving a very visible record of the sites you’ve been visiting. This tutorial will show you how to remove those records. Using a Terminal command, anyone with access to your Mac […]

How to Force Safari 4 to Open Links in a New Tab instead of a New Window

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By default, any time a web site uses the target=”_blank” attribute on a link (like this one), Safari 4 will open that link in a new window. If you’d prefer it to open in a new Tab, follow the instructions outlined in this brief tutorial. Start by opening a Terminal window (Applications -> Utilities -> […]