Buying a new Mac laptop for yourself or someone else? Why spend thousands when you can get equally great quality for a fraction of the cost?

This is one of the reasons savvy shoppers choose to buy refurbished Mac laptops. However, where you buy one from does matter. So we put together a quick list of the best places to buy a like-new Mac laptop. 

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    First, let’s take a look at a few tips for buying a refurbished Mac laptop. 

    Things To Keep In Mind As You Shop For Refurbished Mac Laptops

    If you’re looking to buy a refurbished Mac laptop, then chances are, you’re trying to save money. Yet, you don’t want to go cheap only to find the device is faulty. 

    So to ensure you get the best deal, keep the following tips in mind:

    • Always look at the seller’s rating (this should at least be 4 stars).
    • Read the reviews from buyers (are there more negatives than positives?).
    • If the offer sounds too good to be true…it likely is.
    • Browse through all of the photos for quality and consistency (does the laptop match in all the photos?).
    • Find out about the warranty and return policy (should at least be 30 days).

    If there are no photos or warranties, then run for the hills!

    Amazon page selling refurbished laptops

    There are several reasons why Amazon is a trusted place to purchase a refurbished Mac laptop. For one, it has standards for all of its sellers. It also comes with fast shipping (in most cases) and stellar return policies. 

    Besides that, all refurbished products undergo tests and certification before becoming “Amazon Renewed.” Devices that reach this status have little to no signs of wear. 

    Then you can expect to get a great deal since refurbished MacBooks can sell for 37% of the retail price for a brand new one. As for the warranty — you can expect to get 90 days to test out your product. 


    GameStop page selling refurbished Mac

    Most people know GameStop as a company that sells any and everything to do with games. This includes pre-owned Xboxes, Playstations, and video games. 

    However, when you look at their website, you’ll also find refurbished Mac laptops. These are all tested and guaranteed to work. All of the data is wiped clean at its refurbishment center. 

    The prices it offers are higher than other sellers, but it still beats the retail price. There’s free shipping as well as a 30-day warranty (both in-store and online exchanges are available). 

    Mac of All Trades

    Refurbished Apple Laptops at Mac of All Trades website

    This company is unique because it’s all about Macs. Tie in the fact that it’s been in business for over 20 years, and you’ll see why it’s become a trusted retailer. 

    Mac of All Trades has a transparent process for refurbishing MacBooks. This includes Apple technicians testing each component in the computer and replacing the faulty areas. Plus, they check the cosmetics of the hardware. 

    Then before it ships to you, technicians inspect and test it one last time. There’s a 90-day warranty, which includes getting a replacement shipped to you within three business days. 

    The prices are also fair, ranging between 20% to 75% of the retail price (depending on the model). 

    Apple Certified Refurbished

    Refurbished Mac page on Apple website

    Of course, the manufacturer of the MacBook would sell refurbished products. Unlike the others on this list, Apple only sells slightly used products. In most cases, the product was returned within the 90-day warranty period. 

    Even so, the company still puts each used Mac laptop through a testing program, which is performed by a certified in-house testing agent. If necessary, repairs are made. Then when a buyer purchases it, they’ll receive the item with a brand new white box, packaging, and adapter. 

    The savings aren’t as high as with other places, earning you about a 15% to 20% discount. 

    Other World Computing (OWC)

    Refurbished MacBook on Other World Computing website

    Like the other refurbished Mac laptop sellers on this list, OWC uses a thorough process to test and inspect products. These computers also come with free shipping, and you get the opportunity to test out the product for 14 days. 

    If there’s anything wrong, you can get your money back within this time frame. Otherwise, you’ll have a standard one-year limited warranty. Plus, you’ll get an AppleCare Extended Protection Plan. 

    Do note that Macs that come without an Apple warranty aren’t certified. 


    PowerMax website with used Macs

    If you don’t want to shop with Apple, you can go to its authorized e-commerce site — PowerMax. This is the only one out there that sells both new and used Mac laptops. 

    With this seller, you get a warranty for a whole four months. Then if you feel you don’t like your refurbished Mac laptop for any reason, you can return it within 60 days. You’ll receive a credit (minus a $50 deductible). 

    Then if you feel you like the product but want an extended warranty, you can purchase one from the site. 


    RefurbMe website selling refurbished Macs

    Here’s another marketplace (like Amazon) you can use to find all sorts of Apple products, including refurbished Mac laptops. You can use this site to scour through all the online sellers, so it’s easy to compare prices. 

    This will make it so you can find a deal that’s within your budget. 

    The prices and warranties will vary, depending on which seller you decide to purchase from. So be sure to read the listings and the website it’s sold from to ensure you’re covered. 

    However, the site does state that all products come with a warranty and money-back guarantee. 

    Get Your Hands On a Refurbished Mac Laptop

    You can find refurbished Mac laptops all over the web. Unfortunately, you can’t buy one from just anywhere. You’ll have to do your research on the seller to ensure you’re not being ripped off. 

    If you’re new to buying refurbished Apple products, then we suggest you give the sites on this list a try first.