Manually Setup a Mail Account in OS X Lion

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One of the major changes in Mac Lion is the default integration of major email services. Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail, Hotmail, and other major webmail providers have built-in functionality, as they are streamlined for OS X 10.7. There are some times, however, when you may not want to use Lion’s built-in email setup. In […]

iTunes Not Syncing Entire Music Library?

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Ok, so here’s a really annoying problem to have: you have a ton of music and you try to sync your entire music library to your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad and instead of getting all the music synced, you only get half or a quarter of the total songs! And on top of that, […]

Setup Fast User Switching in Mac OS X 10.7

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If you have more than one OS X account on your Mac, or have a desktop computer such as an iMac that is setup with multiple users, the fast user switching feature in Mac OS X Lion can be very convenient. Not only does it allow you to quickly jump between different Mac OS X […]

Use iExplorer to Navigate Your iPhone

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By default, iPhones are setup to connect to Mac computers using the iTunes software. However, iTunes is actually quite limited in its navigation capabilities. Although it has an awesome UI, it still doesn’t let you browse files on your iPhone manually. In today’s post, we will review how to actually access the core of your […]

Take Full Page Screen Captures in OS X

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In some cases, you may want to take a scrolling screenshot of a website. However, none of the default screenshot capabilities that are built-in to Mac OS X offer this function by default. You can take a screenshot of a selection using command shift 4, and you can take a screenshot of a window using […]

Can’t Empty Trash in OS X Lion?

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I’ve ran across a few people who have upgraded their Macs to Lion and are having trouble emptying the trash! Apparently, it gets stuck and the progress bar never finishes. If you’re having a similar problem with your Mac, then try out a few of the methods below to fix the issue. Terminal Command The […]

Create a E-mail Address in OS X

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With the development of iCloud and the slow transitioning away from Mobile Me, Apple has periodically enabled, disabled, and then reenabled new sign up for accounts, which is Apple’s exclusive email hosting service. Now that iCloud is up and running, and has been officially released, Apple is starting to allow new email addresses […]

Backup iOS Device to iCloud and iTunes

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iCloud seems really cool to me, but I don’t think it is necessarily working that well just yet. I like the whole idea of being able to backup my entire iPad and iPhone to the cloud and then just restore it over WiFi if I ever needed to, but I frankly don’t trust it. Firstly, […]

Setup Wi-Fi Sync in iOS 5

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Wi-Fi sync is a new feature in iOS 5 that we have referenced quite a bit over the last month. Now that iOS 5 is official, Wi-Fi sync can be setup so that you do not have to connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to your computer via USB cable, but rather, connect via your […]

PhotoStream Not Showing Up in iPhoto 11?

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Some people I know have been complaining that they are not able to see the option for the new PhotoStream feature in iPhoto 11. Once you turn on and setup PhotoStream on your iPhone, iPad, Apple TV or Mac, you will magically see any picture you take on one device show up on the other […]