MacBook with OneDrive logo on the screen

Are you having trouble accessing or syncing OneDrive files on your Mac? Reset OneDrive on Mac to factory settings to get the cloud storage working correctly again. This tutorial covers step-by-step instructions for performing a OneDrive reset on Mac computers.

What Happens When You Reset OneDrive?

Resetting OneDrive won’t delete or remove any synced files from your Mac. The reset only signs your account from the OneDrive app and restores its settings to factory default. OneDrive also performs a full synchronization after the reset to ensure your files are up-to-date.

Table of Contents

    Follow the steps in the next section to reset OneDrive on your Mac. The instructions are straightforward and apply to all Mac models and macOS versions.

    How to Reset OneDrive on Your Mac

    1. First, stop OneDrive from running in the background. Select the OneDrive icon on your Mac’s status menu—towards the right end of the menu bar.
    2. Select the gear icon in the top-right corner and select Quit OneDrive.
    Steps to quit OneDrive on Mac
    1. Choose Quit OneDrive on the confirmation screen to continue.
    Steps to quit OneDrive on Mac

    Note: If you have multiple accounts linked to OneDrive, you must quit OneDrive for both accounts/folders. Select each OneDrive icon on the status menu, select Settings, then Quit OneDrive.

    Steps to quit OneDrive on Mac
    1. Open the Applications folder in Finder, right-click OneDrive, and select Show Package Contents.
    OneDrive app folder on Mac
    1. Open the Contents > Resources folders.
    OneDrive Resources folder on Mac
    1. Double-click the ResetOneDriveApp.command file. Double-click ResetOneDriveAppStandalone.command instead if you have the standalone version of the OneDrive sync application.
    OneDrive reset command file on Mac

    Double-clicking these command files runs code that resets OneDrive through Terminal. Some older OneDrive versions lack the reset command files in their folders. If you don’t find ResetOneDriveApp.command or ResetOneDriveAppStandalone.command in this folder, update OneDrive in the App Store and check again.

    1. You might get a prompt to grant Terminal access to other applications. Select Allow to continue.
    OneDrive reset process in macOS Terminal
    1. Close the Terminal window when you see a “Process completed” success message.
    OneDrive reset process in macOS Terminal
    1. Next, reopen OneDrive and set up the application from scratch. Sign in to your account and follow the setup instructions.
    Steps to set up OneDrive on Mac

    When asked to choose your OneDrive folder, select the previous syncing location to prevent OneDrive from redownloading your files.

    Steps to choose OneDrive folder location on Mac

    If you had multiple accounts linked to OneDrive, you must manually set up each account after the reset. See the next section to link an additional account to OneDrive on your Mac.

    Add a Second Account to OneDrive on Your Mac

    1. Select the OneDrive icon on the menu bar’s status area, select the gear icon, and choose Preferences.
    Steps to access OneDrive settings menu on Mac
    1. Open the Account tab and select the Add an Account button.
    Steps to add an account in OneDrive on Mac
    1. Enter the account email address, select Sign In, and subsequent prompts to set up the account in OneDrive.
    Steps to set up OneDrive on Mac

    See our comprehensive OneDrive setup tutorial for macOS if you require assistance adding your account.

    Get OneDrive Working Correctly Again

    Resetting OneDrive should now sync your files without any issues. If the issue persists, restart your Mac, update OneDrive to the latest version, or contact Microsoft Support. As a last resort, you could also try deleting and reinstalling OneDrive.