If you’re an iPhone user, you can participate in large group chats through the iMessage app. Though the app seems straightforward, there are some hidden features many users don’t take advantage of — particularly giving your group chats a custom name.

If you’re in multiple group chats with overlapping participants, it can be tough to keep it all straight. Giving a group chat a custom name helps you remember who is involved and what the chat is for, and you can name the chat with just a few taps of your phone.

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    What to Know Before Naming a Chat

    You should remember a few things before you give a group chat a custom name in iMessage.

    First, you can give custom names to group chats that consist of other iMessage users only. If someone is texting from an Android device or through another service, you will not be able to name the chat. You cannot give MMS and SMS group messages custom names.

    Second, everyone in the chat will be able to see the name of the chat and who changed it. This means you should only use appropriate names for groups — in other words, don’t name your school project group “Stinky, Weirdo, and Me.”

    How to Name a Group Chat on iPhone

    Naming a group chat is one of the easiest things you can do. By default, the chat includes the names of any contacts taking part in the conversation. If one of the participating parties isn’t listed in your contacts, the chat will instead show their number.

    1. Open Messages.
    Messages icon in Dock
    1. Open the chat you want to name.
    Chat selected
    1. Tap Info.
    Info button
    1. Tap Change Name and Photo.
    Change Name and Photo option
    1. Enter a group name and tap Done.
    Group Name window

    At the bottom of the chat, a message will pop up saying You named the conversation “Name.” Also, when you change the name, you can select a custom image or take a picture to use as your icon in that particular group chat.

    Feel free to change the group’s name as much as you want. There are no penalties for doing so. You can name a group something like “School Project Group,” “DND Group,” or in the case of random talks between friends, something like “Gravy.”

    Keep the name in mind, too! You can message it directly by using Siri. Just say, “Hey Siri, message [group chat name].” It works like sending a text message to a single person with Siri.

    How to Name a Facebook Group Chat on iPhone

    Although SMS and MMS chats can’t be renamed, if you use the Facebook Messenger app, you can rename chats similarly to iMessage.

    1. Open the Facebook Messenger app.
    2. Select the chat you want to rename.
    Chat selected
    1. Tap Edit.
    Edit button
    1. Tap Change Chat Name.
    Change Chat Name button
    1. Enter the new chat name and tap Okay.
    Change Chat Name window

    Renaming group chats on Facebook serves a similar purpose to renaming them within your phone: organization, fun, or just to tease your friends. Many chat features go unused but take full advantage of what iMessage and Facebook Messenger offer to make the most of your experience.

    As a final note, the Info page within iMessage also allows you to quickly look through every image, link, or file that has been shared within the chat. If you are frequently exchanging files — like for a work project — this feature can make it dramatically easier to find documents.