Keyboard Shortcuts for When your Mac Freezes

The following list of keyboard shortcuts will come in handy when your Mac freezes up (which as we all know isn’t that frequent of an event).

I’ve ordered this list in a “start with this one, if it doesn’t work, try the next one” manner.

  1. Quit the currently running foreground programCommand + q
  2. Open the Force Quit windowCommand + Option + Escape
  3. Force RestartCommand + Control + Power Key
  4. Force ShutdownCommand + Option + Shift + Power Key

Comments [4]

  1. Why would anyone need these? All the MAC vs PC adverts tell me a Mac never freezes…

  2. I had used pc's for decades. They all froze up quite often. I have had a mac for three years, it froze up once (due to a bad hard drive).

  3. I just had a question, why would you need to hold down a key combination if you are forcing a shutdown? I know that holding the power button is not good on the system, but how does the force shutdown key combination differ?

  4. Macs freeze often. Just not as often or as widely on different applications as PCs.

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