Case Review – Cygnett Alumni for new iPad/iPad 2

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If you love your iPad, but want to add some extra protection and function to your tablet, read on! In this article we will be reviewing an iPad case which does just that. This case goes by the name ‘Alumni’ and is manufactured by Cygnett, a respected name in the iOS accessory industry. In this […]

iPod Touch 4G Case Review: Speck Candyshell

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While the iPod Touch is a pretty durable device with it’s metal back, it’s definitely not scratch proof. To prevent your iPod from getting majorly scratched in your laptop bag, you may want to consider purchasing a protective case. And while there are a ton of cases on the market, a lot of them are […]

GrowlVoice: Google Voice On The Mac

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If you’re unaware, Google Voice is a service in which you’re given a secondary phone number that you can use to forward calls to from multiple phone lines–such as from your iPhone and work phone. Not only is Google Voice great for calling, it is also great for sending free text messages. In fact, after using […]

Top Free Antivirus Software for Mac

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If you’ve recently made the switch to Mac, one of the first things that you should do is download and install an antivirus program. Yes, viruses are not as abundant on Macs as they are on PCs. However, Mac viruses are out there, and over the past few years, they have become a bit more […]

iDeck iPhone and iPod Car Dock Review

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I have owned an iPhone/iPod accessory called the iDeck for a few months now, in which I have found it to be an absolutely great purchase. You have probably never heard of the iDeck, but much as it’s name implies, it is an iPhone and iPod adapter for your car’s tape deck. Thus, this won’t […]

Use iExplorer to Navigate Your iPhone

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By default, iPhones are setup to connect to Mac computers using the iTunes software. However, iTunes is actually quite limited in its navigation capabilities. Although it has an awesome UI, it still doesn’t let you browse files on your iPhone manually. In today’s post, we will review how to actually access the core of your […]

Invoicing Software for the Mac – On the Job

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On the Job is a great time tracking and invoicing software for the Mac from the folks at Stunts Software. If you work as a consultant and bill based on time it’s a good idea to evaluate a software like this – it can make your life a lot easier. On the Job supports a […]

Microsoft Entourage vs Apple Mail, Address Book & iCal

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Here is a common and very good question, which contact management suite should I use? Well if you haven’t purchased Office for Mac 2008 then the answer is pretty obvious, you are going to be using the Mac included contact management solution that consists of three separate programs: Mail, Address Book and iCal. Now if […]

Airport Extreme Base Station

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Warning: The following review may be a little technical for our average site visitor. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt a bit. I’ve had Apple’s new Airport Extreme Base Station now for almost a week and have been able to try out most of its features. Let me start this off by saying that I don’t currently […]