How To Backup Your iOS Device Using iTunes

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As every iOS device owner knows, you can quickly and easily back it up on iCloud by using the device’s settings. But another way to back it up is to […]

How To Wipe & Reformat Your iOS Device

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Previously, I discussed how to wipe and reinstall your MacOS operating system, which is recommended due to a gradual accumulation of gunk. But your iPhone is no different. It is […]

How To Hard Reset a Mac OS X Computer & Reinstall The OS

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It’s a fact of life that computers slow down. Sometimes it’s due to wear and tear but it can also be something as simple as your hard-drive filling up with […]

How To Delete The Hidden Download Log On Your Mac OS X Computer

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Did you know that everytime you download something on your Mac, it records it in a handy log file? Yeah….thanks for that Apple. I can hear the illegal downloading crowd […]

How To Free Up Space On Your Mac OS X Computer FAST

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Despite my MacBook Air having a 120GB hard-drive, I am always struggling to keep enough storage space free. Everytime I look at my available space, I am always hovering around […]

How To Make a Bulk App Installer For a New Mac OS Install using HomeBrew

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When buying a new MacOS computer, or reformatting an existing one, the most tedious task you need to do is install all of your software apps from scratch. First you […]

How To Add a Menu Shortcut To Shutdown MacOS Finder

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The Finder section on a MacOS computer is directly comparable to the File Explorer in Windows. It is where your files are stored, including the operating system files. So as […]

How To Make a MacOS Installer On a USB Stick

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If you want to download the latest version of MacOS, you simply have to go to the Mac App Store and download it. But what if you are an IT […]

How to Make it Harder For Someone to Hack into Your Mac

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When I was at Frankfurt airport recently, I saw a businessman leave his very expensive MacBook Air laptop on the table to go and get coffee. He was gone for […]

How To Scan Documents On MacOS Using Only Your iOS Device

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It used to be a novelty that you could scan documents using your smartphone. Now, it’s become so common that people just say “meh” when a new scanning app comes […]