How To Free Up Space On Your Mac OS X Computer FAST

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Despite my MacBook Air having a 120GB hard-drive, I am always struggling to keep enough storage space free. Everytime I look at my available space, I am always hovering around 15-20GB. Which you might think is no small amount, but when it drops below 10GB, the computer starts throwing up continual boot error messages. Ever […]

How To Make a Bulk App Installer For a New Mac OS Install using HomeBrew

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When buying a new MacOS computer, or reformatting an existing one, the most tedious task you need to do is install all of your software apps from scratch. First you have to remember each one and secondly, visiting each app’s website, downloading the app, and installing it takes forever. But what if you had a […]

How To Add a Menu Shortcut To Shutdown MacOS Finder

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The Finder section on a MacOS computer is directly comparable to the File Explorer in Windows. It is where your files are stored, including the operating system files. So as an essential part of the computer, it can be pretty irritating when the Finder goes off on one of its freakout moments. Whether a command […]

How To Make a MacOS Installer On a USB Stick

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If you want to download the latest version of MacOS, you simply have to go to the Mac App Store and download it. But what if you are an IT geek working in a computer repair shop, refurbishing Macs which need MacOS reinstalled? What if the Internet connection where you are is dodgy to say […]

How to Make it Harder For Someone to Hack into Your Mac

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When I was at Frankfurt airport recently, I saw a businessman leave his very expensive MacBook Air laptop on the table to go and get coffee. He was gone for five minutes but in those five minutes, somebody could either have stolen the computer or hacked into it for valuable data. These days though, hackers […]

How To Scan Documents On MacOS Using Only Your iOS Device

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It used to be a novelty that you could scan documents using your smartphone. Now, it’s become so common that people just say “meh” when a new scanning app comes along. I mean, how can they possibly reinvent the wheel by this stage? But believe it or not, there is something which takes scanning to […]

How To Create Shortcuts On An iOS Device

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We’re all looking for ways to shave some time off our day. Which is why you really need to embrace the concept of automation in your daily life. Automation is one of the best things about technology. It enables you to take something which normally takes say three clicks and shortens it to one click […]

How To Make Your iOS Passcode Longer In Case The Cops Confiscate Your Phone

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In many countries, especially the United States, a police officer can confiscate your phone and demand the PIN code to open it up. But iOS devices come with a four digit PIN code as standard. This is virtually useless from a security point of view. If you refuse to reveal your PIN, the latest cracking […]