The Best Features in iOS 12

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iOS 12, released in September 2018, includes quite a few new features and improvements. In addition to significant performance gains, we gained some features people had been asking about for a long time. Now that it’s been out for a while, we’ll focus on a handful of these useful features that we think would give you […]

Edit and Retouch Photos Quickly with Adobe Photoshop Fix

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Nowadays, we take many iPhone pictures and process and share them directly from our phone.  For a long time, one had to first move pictures to the desktop or laptop, crop and edit as desired, and then share them. As the iPhone has become more powerful, the iOS Photos app natively allows a range of […]

Copy and Paste Across Your Apple Devices using Universal Clipboard

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Do you have an email address or a URL on your iPhone that would be more useful it it were on your Mac? Or maybe you have a picture on your Mac that you’d like to use on your iPad?  Or maybe you have one file on your MacBook Air that you need to copy […]

Automate Your Mac and iOS Devices with IFTTT

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Mac users are always trying to increase their productivity by using the built-in Automator to automate redundant tasks on their Mac or by using third-party utilities from the Mac App Store. Further, iOS 12 will provide buildable steps in a new Shortcuts app.  Still, beyond any specific mobile device or computer, there are many other […]

iPad MultiTasking Tips to Increase Productivity

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With its newer iPads and starting significantly with iOS 11, Apple has dramatically improved the devices as  productivity tools. If you have used the dock in Mac OS and Launchpad to launch apps, check out the iPad dock now in iOS 11 and 12. Would you believe this is a pic of an iPad and […]

Save a Safari Webpage to iPhone/iPad Home Screen

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In my Mac User group, we use an online attendance poll that we ask meeting attendees to fill out. This poll not only gives us an attendance record, but also allows participants to provide feedback about the meeting, or to ask follow up or other questions. This google poll is not easy to find and […]

How to Customize Your Stationery in Apple Mail

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Want to tone up your outgoing email? Do you want to have custom stationery for different classes of recipients? Maybe an email with a business header and footer for clients? Apple Mail lets you use and customize your email stationery. We’ll show you how to use email stationery and two ways to customize it. Using […]

iOS Shortcuts: Using 3D Touch in Control Center

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Apple first brought Force Touch, a pressure sensitive touch technology, to the Apple Watch. But soon after Android phone maker Huawei released this feature in its new smartphones, Apple released and popularized its use on iPhone, first with the iPhone 6s. Apple calls this multi-touch capability 3D Touch. This adds an innovative way to open […]

How to Customize the Control Center Panel in iOS

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With the introduction of iOS 11, Apple finally allowed users to customize the Control Center panel feature that lets you quickly access some of the most popular options and features on your iPhone or iPad. Still, in true Apple fashion, you are limited in what you can actually change. For example, you can remove a […]