Simulation games are great ways to step out of reality for a moment and relax. There are tons of great iPhone games like this you can play now by downloading them through the App Store. 

The smartphone also lends itself well to simulation games. So, with so much to choose from, you probably want to know which ones you’re most likely to enjoy.

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    Here’s a list of the best iPhone simulation games you should play now on the App Store.

    1. The Sims Freeplay

    Go back to one of the original hit simulation games, The Sims, with this free-to-play version for your iPhone device. It’s a great game in itself, as well as an alternative to the paid versions of The Sims games out there.

    In the game, you create and control different Sims as they live their life, completing different activities in order to keep them satisfied and healthy. You also have the ability to build houses for your Sims to live in. This game is similar to other popular iPhone simulation apps with goals to complete and in-app purchases available to get exclusive items. 

    2. Godus

    If you’re into civilization simulators, Godus is one of the best for the iPhone. You play as a god and are tasked at moving along humanity to create a larger population as well as structures and tools. 

    You can also completely control the environment your inhabitants live in by removing or creating parts of the landscape. Overall, the graphics of the game are very eye-pleasing and minimalist, and the gameplay is smooth and relaxing. Despite its simple concept, you’ll find yourself putting plenty of time into the game if you enjoy these types of world-building simulators. 

    3. Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector

    The aim of Neko Atsume is pretty evident from the title: you collect kittens and grow your home in order to keep them happy. You can buy new toys, food, and furniture to keep your cats occupied. 

    There are plenty of cats to collect, as well as rare cats that only show up every so often. In order to collect them, all you need to do is put food out for them in the yard. The game is extremely cute and simple, and best of all the entire game can be played for free. 

    4. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

    The Animal Crossing franchise is huge, especially after the latest release of New Horizons. You may not know, however, that there is also an iPhone game based on the popular life simulation series. In the game, you build a campsite and try to get new animals to populate your camp.

    Play the game to complete daily or seasonal activities, interact with the animal inhabitants, and decorate your campground. There are some in-app purchases you can make if you want to get special items, but for the most part the game is free. 

    5. Game Dev Story

    Ever wondered what it would be like to become a game developer? Well, this super meta app can help you out. You control a game developing company with the goal of creating the hit games and consoles. You decide who you hire, how you work on the item being developed, and many other factors. 

    Once you finish creating a game, you’ll be able to see whether it was a hit or flop with the critics, which determines how many sales you’ll be likely to get. The whole game is only $4.99 on the App Store, and it’s definitely worth it for the great pixelated graphics, gameplay, and tongue-in-cheek video game references. 

    6. Happy Street

    Happy Street is an extremely addicting building simulation game, where you complete quests from multiple characters in order to create a bustling street. You can get new citizens to your street, buy new buildings, and discover new places outside your street to explore.

    You can also collect supplies that will allow you to craft items to use for your citizens or your street. It’s a fun, cute game that will keep you occupied. The only downside is that there are some typical freemium app additions such as waiting times for crafting and some items you can get with in-app purchases. 

    7. Goat Simulator

    This game is exactly what it sounds like – you play as a goat navigating a town with the goal to destroy as much as possible. You can interact with any object in the open-world environment making for some hilarious situations. Especially when you factor in your ability to drag objects with your tongue. 

    It’s truly a game you have to play to understand, but once you do you’re likely to get hooked to the game’s comedic premise and use of in-game physics. The game is $2.99 with other in-app purchases for different packs.

    8. BitLife – Life Simulator

    If you want yet another comedy-type simulator game, BitLife is a great one to try. It is a life simulation game where you get to choose randomly generated characters, and see their life play out. Your character’s life is determined by choices you make, as well as the generated situations and occurrences. 

    The game has some great deadpan humor, and it’s extremely fun to see how your character’s life unfolds with the paths you choose. You can gain assets, foster relationships, and engage in multiple activities that can help (or hurt) your character through their life. BitLife Simulator is free with in-app purchases. 

    Have Fun With iPhone Simulation Games 

    Life is full of uncertainties. And these iPhone simulation games mirror some of those adventures. Tell us about your pick or any other simulation game on iOS that deserves to be on the list.