Board games are great ways to pass the time, and there are many classics you probably grew up playing. If you’re out of the house, though, such as on a long drive, you might feel like playing a board game. Yet without the actual board and pieces available, it might seem like you’re out of luck. 

If you have your iPhone or iPad, there are lots of board game apps on the App store made specifically to emulate your favorite board games. No matter what game you want to play, there’s likely an app version of it available. If you don’t know which ones are the best on the App store, here is a list of some you should try. 

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    The best part of playing digital board games is that everyone can be in different locations and still play together!

    1. Monopoly

    This classic money game takes on a new life in the Monopoly board game app. You can play either single player, online multiplayer, you can pass your device among other players near you, or you can play online with friends. 

    The app works pretty smoothly, although if you’re playing anything online you’ll want to make sure you have a good internet connection or there could be some hiccups. The game works exactly like normal Monopoly, and you even have the option to add some house rules if you wish to. Overall, it’s a great app if you’re a fan of Monopoly.

    2. Scrabble GO

    There are many copycat versions of the kind of word games that began with Scrabble, so why not just play the classic version? With this game, you can play multiple games of Scrabble at once with other users on the app.

    There are also a few different ways you can play the game. You can get matched with random players online, or invite other friends to play with you. The game itself is pretty much the same as Scrabble in real life. You get a set of 7 letters, and take turns trying to make words on the board. In app form, Scrabble is especially addicting as you probably won’t run out of games to play with others anytime soon. 

    3. Yahtzee with Buddies Dice

    This version of the game Yahtzee, where you roll dice to get certain sets of numbers to add to your total, adds a lot more bells and whistles. You can play tournaments, random games with other users, or you can play Dice World mode where you can play through different characters and unlock areas. 

    Whether you enjoy the classic game of Yahtzee or want a new twist on the game, this app will keep you playing. It works very well and it’s pretty easy to get a hang of, especially since there are tutorials to show you how to play this app version.

    4. The Game of Life 2

    Life is a pretty popular board game, so it makes sense to make an app version. There is also a first The Game of Life app, but the second one adds even more choices and scenarios to the game. You can also play in different fantasy worlds instead of just your typical Life world. 

    Like with the classic Monopoly app, you can play single player, online with friends, online multiplayer, or pass your device to others you’re with. Either way you decide, the game works the same as the real-life board game. Since it’s an app version, though, there are many additions made to really pull you in and make the game more interesting with each new game. 

    5. Battleship

    The strategy game Battleship has been a popular one for years, where you try to figure out where your opponents ships are in order to sink them. The board game app version of Battleship makes it much easier to set up and get started, and allows you to play in different ways than you normally would be able to. 

    There are goals in the app version of Battleship you can reach each time you play a new game, resulting in rewards you can use in the app. You can also play the game single player, online, or with friends. The app runs very smoothly as well so you can easily play many games of Battleship in one sitting. 

    6. Clue: The Classic Mystery Game

    Clue is a mystery game, where one player has committed a murder and all the other players need to figure out who it was, as well as what weapon was used and the room it was in. The app version of Clue works the same, and you can play single player or multiplayer online. 

    There are multiple different boards you can choose from to play on, though you’ll have to buy the extra boards besides the default one. The game works in the same way as the board game, with each player taking a turn to move and take guesses at the nature of the crime. With the extra animated effects of the app, it makes the game much more engaging and fun.

    7. UNO!

    Although not technically a board game, UNO is still a classic game that everyone enjoys. Like other classic games, you can also find an app for it on the App store. You can play UNO with up to four other players, and once you play a few games you can play in multiple modes other than classic mode. 

    The UNO app adds more action to the game so it’s very quick-paced and addicting. You’ll likely find yourself playing multiple rounds of the app version of this classic game. 

    8. Chess – Play & Learn

    If you’re a fan of chess, there are lots of apps out there to play the game. But this one is both straightforward while also adding some features that make playing chess even more fun. With this app you can match up with others from around the world to play. The game board is simple and it helps being able to see each move you can make when you tap on a certain piece. 

    If you’re a beginner at chess, there are some lessons you can take within the board game app to learn some tips and get better at the game. It’s a great app overall no matter what level of expertise you have at chess, and you’re sure to sharpen your skills through this app and have fun doing it. 

    Board Games for iPhone and iPad

    These are some of the best board game apps on the App store that’ll make you feel like you’re playing the classic games. Yet with these, you won’t have to worry about setting up the board or having enough space to play. They’re a perfect way to kill some time or to entertain all your friends and family.