Sync Apple Watch To Your Fitness App

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The Apple Watch has grown from a niche device into an essential health and fitness companion for many satisfied users. The new year is a great time to take advantage of all of the features the watch has to offer such as step tracking and heart rate monitoring, and those features are even more useful […]

How to Use Apple AirPods On a Windows PC

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Apple AirPods are one of the hottest gifts of the holiday season, and they’re great headphones for those who want to listen to their tunes while exercising or while on the go. However, they’re comfortable headphones with decent audio quality and impressive battery life – making them an excellent option as primary headphones for a […]

Enable Display Accommodations On iOS

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iOS devices are extremely user-friendly by default, which makes them an attractive option for buyers who are looking for a capable phone or tablet that works well right out of the box. However, many people don’t realize the extent of Apple’s accessibility settings. The fact of the matter is that a phone’s default settings won’t […]

Adjust iOS Interaction Accessibility Settings On iOS

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iOS has a well-deserved reputation for being one of the more user-friendly operating systems on the market. While they lack some of the advanced customizability that many Android devices offer, iPhones and iPads are extremely easy to pick up right out of the box. Plus, Apple has included a wide selection of Accessibility features to […]

Access Region Locked Games on iOS

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There are millions of iOS users around the world, and mobile gaming has never been bigger. Developers are continuing to recognize the massive potential that iOS apps have to offer, and new games release on the App Store nearly constantly. However, you may find from time to time that a title you were particularly interested […]

Hide Photos On iOS The Easy Way

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It’s always great to be able to share your favorite photos with friends, but how do you deal with those pesky snoopers that seem compelled to swipe left or right? Many of us have photos on our iPhones or iPads that we’d like to keep private, and having them front and center in the camera […]