How To Organize Photos On The iPhone

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You probably look at the Photos app on your iPhone with a bit of dread. It’s got years and years of photos, probably in the thousands. But it’s a mess. […]

How To Use Maps On Apple Watch

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Usually, you use your iPhone to navigate using Apple Maps. But that might not always be safe. If you don’t have a smartphone car holder, handling your iPhone while driving […]

What Is Apple AirPlay?

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Sometimes the screen or the speakers on your iPhone just won’t do. If you’re gathered around with family or friends, you might want to watch a video on the big […]

How to Backup Your iPhone on Mac

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It’s important to back up the data on your iPhone. You don’t know when your iPhone might crash, or when you might lose it in a coffee shop (if so, […]

The 8 Best Third-Party Apple Watch Straps

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Your Apple Watch with the same black sports band looks quite boring. If you like accessorizing, you might want to switch between different bands and watch faces based on the […]

How To Erase Your iPhone Or iPad Remotely

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It happens. You leave your iPhone on a coffee table or your iPad in the cafeteria. You try to look for it. You try to find it using iCloud but […]

How To Update tvOS on Apple TV

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Every Fall, Apple releases a major update to tvOS, which is the operating system for the Apple TV. Apple adds new and interesting features throughout the year with smaller updates […]

How To Install Bleeding Edge iOS Features Early With Beta Profiles

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Every year Apple comes out with a new version of iOS and iPadOS in September. But not everyone knows that you can install the beta versions of the new operating […]

5 Best Snipping Tool Alternatives for Mac

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Ever since Windows 7, Microsoft has included a Snipping Tool that makes it easy to take customized screenshots of your desktop. If you’re used to the Snipping Tool, and if […]