In some cases, you may want to take a scrolling screenshot of a website. However, none of the default screenshot capabilities that are built-in to Mac OS X offer this function by default. You can take a screenshot of a selection using command shift 4, and you can take a screenshot of a window using command shift 4 spacebar. However, you cannot scroll webpages and take a screenshot. In today’s post, we cover how to take full page screen captures and scrolling webpage screen captures in OS X.

To get started, you must first have the Firefox web browser for Mac OS X. Most people probably have Firefox, but if not, you can download it directly from Mozilla. With Firefox installed on your Mac, you can get started with full screen captures. Launch Firefox using the path Finder > Applications > Firefox.

Firefox for Mac

With Firefox open and active on the screen, navigate to the Awesome Screenshot page within Firefox. Add the extension to Firefox by clicking the Add to Firefox button.

Add to Firefox Awesome Screenshot

Upon doing so, Firefox will prompt you with a note, asking for your confirmation to install the plugin. Click the Install Now button to continue with Awesome Screenshot installation.

Add to Firefox Awesome

From here, Firefox should automatically install the plugin. Next, we can start taking screenshots. Note the new Awesome Screenshots panel in Firefox.

Awesome Screenshots Toolbar

Now, jump to a webpage that you want to screen capture. Once there, click the Awesome Screenshots icon and select Capture Full Page. This will open up the Awesome Screenshots toolbar. Select the Crop tool. From there, the mouse pointer will change to a + sign, and you can simply click and drag any part of the webpage that you’d like to screen capture.

To use the screen capture function, you will need to click and drag to select the portion of the website that you’d like to capture. However, you can also use the two finger scroll on the trackpad too, which will allow you to do a scrolling screenshot. Once you release the mouse, your screenshot will be cropped. From there, you can simply right-click on the image and save it to your Mac. Here is an example of a scrolling screenshot, which would not be possible without Awesome Screenshots.

Switchingtomac full screenshot

That’s all there is to it. Using full screen captures and scrolling screenshots for webpages is vey useful when trying to capture graphs, charts, and any other elements that take up more than the visible page.