The Launchpad feature that comes with Mac OS X 10.7 is a nice addition, as it provides a quick way to access apps. However, not every application or program is optimized for Launchpad. In turn, when installing some apps your Mac, they may clutter or not show up in Launchpad correctly. In today’s post we will provide some general tips for using Launchpad.

Launchpad Mac OS X

For the most part, Apple produced apps and most apps from non-Apple developers will operate correctly with the Launchpad app. But, there might be times when you install an app, and it adds a bunch of other nonsense to Launchpad too, which actually means, the installation added additional components to the Applications folder, which Launchpad is based off of. Here is an example:

Launchpad Incorrect Apps

The above screenshot is an example of some non-application items that were added to Launchpad when I installed Adobe Master Collection. Adobe Audition and Adobe On Location are actual apps. Thus, they should be in Launchpad. However, all of the Uninstall folders, were also added to the applications folder, which also auto adds them to Launchpad.

If you don’t want Launchpad to be cluttered with non-application items, you can move these items to other locations on your Mac, or move them to a folder within Launchpad, which will use less space and not be as cluttered.

If you hold-click any app in Launchpad, it will make all of the apps jiggle, similar to the way the iPhone or iPad works. From here, you can simply drag and drop items together, which will create a folder within Launchpad for the items. From there, you can double click the folder name to rename it. So, using our above example, I moved the uninstallers in Launchpad to a folder, which I renamed as “Adobe Uninstallers.”

Adobe Uninstaller Folder Launchpad

Now, Launchpad is less cluttered and more optimized for apps. By creating folders within Launchpad for non-app items, you can keep Launchpad less cluttered and more efficient. If you have any other questions about Launchpad, leave a comment and I will try and help.