Here’s a simple tip for today where I’ll show you how to change your Mac’s computer name. By default, your Mac’s computer name is created for you when you setup the computer. It takes your name and add’s on the model of the Mac you’re on.

For example, my Mac’s computer name is Aseem Kishore’s MacBook Pro. Kind of a long and useless name if you ask me. I’m used to short Windows computer names, so the name plus the model for a computer name just didn’t go well. Plus, if you are trying to connect to your Mac from a Windows machine, who wants to type in that super long computer name. AseemMac would be much simpler and easier.

Unfortunately, Apple does a worse job than Windows in terms of making it obvious where to go in order to change the name of the Mac. Not sure why both operating system make it so unintuitive to find such a simple setting. Anyway, to start, click on the Apple logo at the top left and choose System Preferences.

system preferences

Next, click on the Sharing icon under Internet & Wireless.

sharing icon

Yes, the computer name really makes sense to put under Internet & Wireless! Hmmm, not sure who came up with that brilliant idea. At the top, you’ll see Computer Name and you can change the name here by clicking Edit.

change name

mac name

That’s pretty much it! Pretty straight-forward once you figure out where you are actually supposed to go. Just of extra info, if you don’t know your Mac’s computer name, you can always find the IP address of your Mac by going to System Preferences and click on Network. Click on the connection in the left pane and you’ll see the details, such as IP address, subnet mask, etc.

network info

wireless info

Oddly, for a Ethernet connection, the details are displayed on the right pane, but for a wireless connection, you have to click on the Advanced button and then click on TCP/IP. Enjoy!