A couple of months ago we wrote a tutorial on monitoring bandwidth on your Mac. Today we will be showing you how to monitor data usage on your iPhone. This is helpful if you are using a capped data plan on your iPhone. Before we start, download the DataMan Lite application from the iTunes App Store. This application is free.

Monitoring iPhone Data Usage

1. Open the Dataman Lite application on your iPhone.

Open Dataman

2. Look towards the bottom of the App. You should see three tabs. Tap on the Settings tab. From here you can set your billing date and data allowance. When you do this, the DataMan application can accurately send you notifications when you are about to go over your data cap.

Settings Tab

3. Now, click on the Current tab. From here you can view your data usage. The app will continue to track your data usage as long as it’s running in the background.

Current Tab

Thanks for reading today’s tutorial. Check back soon for Mac and iPhone help.