Your new iPhone has a name that includes your real name by default. Unless you use a pseudonym for your Apple ID or when setting up your iPhone, your real name will show up in your iPhone’s name too. Here’s how to change your iPhone’s name.

This tutorial will also cover how to change the names of Bluetooth accessories connected to your iPhone. We’ll show you how to change your iPhone’s name even if its display isn’t working correctly.

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    Why You Should Change Your iPhone’s Name

    Since the default name of your iPhone includes your real name, your privacy can be compromised via AirDrop. If other iPad or iPhone users try to share files via AirDrop, they could see your name if you don’t turn off AirDrop.

    Your iPhone’s name is also used for iCloud and the Personal Hotspot feature, which allows you to create a Wi-Fi network using your iPhone. Your real name could be revealed when you’re sharing your cellular data with others via a Wi-Fi hotspot.

    If you want to keep your real name private, it’s better to change your device’s name to something different. Another reason to try a new name for your iPhone is if you have multiple Apple devices in the house. Let’s say you have two iPhones (one for work and another for personal use). Using a different device name allows you to identify the two quickly from the Find My app.

    This is particularly useful if you’re using the Find My iPhone feature to track down a lost phone. It’s much easier to remember a name such as “STM’s Work iPhone” than “iPhone (2).”

    You can also use your Apple ID to see a list of devices attached to your iCloud account. When you sell or give away your Apple products, if your phone’s name is unique, it’s much easier to identify and remove it from your Apple ID.

    Since your Apple Watch is linked to your iPhone, it’s wise to use easily identifiable names for your iPhones. When you’re trying to sell both your iPhone and Apple Watch, you can use the iPhone’s name as a quick way to verify which phone the watch is linked to.

    How to Change Your iPhone’s Name

    Now that you know why you should change your iPhone’s name let’s get it done. The fastest way to do so is from the Settings app on your iPhone. Open Settings on your iOS device and go to General > About. Now tap Name to reveal your iPhone’s current name.

    You can tap the X button on the right side to erase the old name. You can now type a new name for your iPhone and tap Done to change it.

    If your iPhone’s display or touchscreen isn’t working correctly, you can consider changing its name using iTunes on Microsoft Windows and older macOS devices or Finder on newer Macs. To do this, connect your iPhone to your computer using its charging cable.

    On a newer MacBook or desktop Mac, open Finder and click your device’s name in the left sidebar. You’ll see the current name of your iPhone on the right. Click the name, type a new name, and press Enter/Return on the keyboard. This will change your iPhone’s name.

    You can download and install iTunes on PCs and older Macs to get the job done. Connect your iPhone to the computer and open iTunes. Now click the iPhone’s icon at the top, between the Music and Library tabs. You can click the name of the iPhone in the left sidebar, type a new name, and hit Enter/Return on the keyboard to save the changes.

    Change the Name of Bluetooth Accessories Connected to Your iPhone

    You should also consider changing the names of Bluetooth accessories connected to your iPhone to make them easier to identify and distinguish. By default, accessories such as your AirPods will feature your real name.

    To change this, go to Settings on your iPhone and open Bluetooth. Connect your AirPods to your iPhone. Just wear the AirPods, and it’ll be connected. Tap Name and hit the X button on the right to erase the old name. Type a new name and tap Done.

    This will rename the AirPods, and you can also follow the same steps to rename most other Bluetooth accessories.

    Customize Your iPhone Even More

    Changing your iPhone’s name is the first step in your iPhone customization journey. You should go ahead and customize the Control Center and AirPods settings too. It’s also a good idea to explore shortcuts on your iOS device to enjoy the benefits of automation routines on your iPhone.

    With iOS 16, scheduled to release in Fall 2022, you can customize your iPhone’s home screen and lock screen even more. For those who like customizing their gadgets as much as possible, there’s never been a better time to be an iPhone user