Even though I got my new iPhone 5S back in December, I didn’t learn how to use half it’s features till only a few days ago. With the new iPhone and fingerprint reader everyone talks about, you can also take slow-motion videos and take 10 pictures per second with the new burst mode option.

The burst mode is especially useful for anything that moves fast like children! It’s almost impossible to get a steady shot of my two young kids because it’s impossible for them to stay still. Taking photos from my iPhone always results in blurry shots. That was until I found out about burst mode. Now I can just hold down the camera capture button and take 20 shots in two seconds.

Almost always, a few pics are crystal clear and I just discard the rest of them. It’s a very nice feature that once you learn, you’ll be using it all the time. In this article, I’ll show you how burst mode works in iOS 7 with the iPhone 5S.

Taking Photos with Burst Mode

To take photos in burst mode, open the camera app and simply hold down the Capture button. Immediately you’ll see a small circle at the bottom with the number of shots taken. The phone will take 10 shots per second, so you can end up with a ton of pictures if you hold it down for too long.

burst mode iphone 5s

Once you let go, the pictures will automatically be saved to the camera roll. So now let’s talk about how you work with all those photos you just took.

Working with Burst Mode Photos

Head into the camera roll and tap on the burst mode set of images. In the camera ┬ároll, they’ll look like a set of stacked images. Once you tap on the set of images, you’ll know it’s a burst mode set because the word Burst and the number of photos will be written up at the top.

burst photos

If you did it by mistake and don’t want any of the photos, you can simply press the Trash icon and it’ll ask you if you want to delete all the photos in the burst.

delete burst photos

Obviously, you probably want to keep some of the photos from the burst otherwise what’s the point. In that case, you would go ahead and tap on the Favorites button at the bottom. When you do that, you’ll be able to horizontally scroll through all the images and choose which ones you want to keep.

choose favorites

Simply tap on the circle at the bottom right of the image you want to keep. When you have selected the ones you want, tap on Done at the top and you’ll get the following dialog box asking whether you want to keep everything or keep only the favorites. The first option is pretty useless because if you wanted to keep everything, why would you even both choosing favorites.

keep favorites

The second option is really handy though. If you ended up taking 60 shots and you only want 2, manually deleting the other 58 would be a royal pain. Instead you just choose to keep the two (or however many) favorites and the rest get deleted automatically.

There’s not much else to the burst mode feature other than what I’ve explained above. If you have any questions or ran across something I didn’t mention above, post a comment and I’ll try to help. Enjoy!