PixelStick is a tool for measuring distances and angles on the screen. A tool like this can be extremely useful for designers. PixelStick is a simple application that comes for free.

It’s not the easiest application to begin using. But once you get the hang of how it works, this lightweight application can save you tons of effort.

Begin by download PixelStick from its website. It’s a tiny download and should get done quickly. Once downloaded it should extract the zip file automatically.

If not, double click on the downloaded file to extract it. Once extracted copy the PixelStick application from the installation folder to your Mac’s Applications folder. That’s it. Your installation is now complete.

To launch PixelStick double click on the application’s icon in the Applications folder. You will see a set of rulers running across your screen and a small window like the one below titled Measure floating on your screen.

You will see two markers somewhere on your screen. They look something like what’s show in the screenshot below. Use these markers to measure what you want to measure on your screen by clicking and dragging the markers to its destination point.

As you drag the markers you will see updated measurements of the distance between the markers in the floating Measure window.

There are a few other tools that do what PixelStick. However, most of them are paid applications. It’s not everyday that you need an application that measures distances on your screen. When you do, it’s nice to have a free application that does a sound job of measuring.