This tutorial will guide you through setting up Mail, the default email application that comes with OS X, so that you can send and receive your Hotmail messages from directly within Mail.

Start out by launching Mail, and selecting Mail -> Preferences… from the top drop-down menu.

Select the Accounts tab and then click the plus sign ( + ) in the very bottom left corner.

Enter your name, your Hotmail email address, and your Hotmail password in the spaces provided. Click the Continue button.

On the Incoming Mail Server screen select POP as the Account Type:. Enter a descriptive phrase as the Description: (eg. Hotmail) and in the Incoming Mail Server: field enter Enter your full email address as the User Name: and once again enter your Hotmail password in the Password field. Click Continue.

On the Outgoing Mail Server screen once again enter a descriptive name or phrase in the Description: field (again, Hotmail or something similar is a good idea). In the Outgoing Mail Server: field enter Make sure Use only this server is not checked. Make sure Use Authentication is checked, and enter your full address as your User Name. Yet again, enter your Hotmail password in the Password field. Click Continue.

You should now be presented with an Account Summary screen similar to the one below (except your email address and name will be displayed instead of mine). Click the Create button.

You’ll be taken back to the Accounts tab of the Preferences. Close the Preferences window.

Your Hotmail email will now begin downloading.

A few things to note – it can take some time to download all of your Hotmail messages the first time. Depending on the size of your Hotmail account (how many messages you have etc) you may want to go grab a cup of coffee. When you open one of your Hotmail emails using Mail, it will remain “unread” if you visit Hotmail and check your mail through the web interface ( Also, if you delete a message in Mail, it will not be deleted when you visit Hotmail through the web interface.

If you have any questions, by all means leave a comment below. Happy Hotmail’ing!